These days, the majority of Colombian families are doing the math to face the return to class of children and young people in the country’s schools with calendar A.

(Price of school supplies for 2023 would increase, maximum, 18%).

School supplies such as notebooks, suitcases and uniforms are these days the best-selling products and with the greatest demand in the tradewhich have also reached the price, which implies a considerable expense in the household economy.

And it is that in addition to increases in ‘January slope’, High inflation caused an additional impact on pockets this season, which is why families are looking for alternatives to face the costs of going back to school.

Among the options to reduce expenses is to resort to the monetary and educational subsidy offered by the family compensation funds to the beneficiaries, who receive an additional income that is complemented by the educational subsidy, which is disbursed annually with the beginning of the school calendar.

(About 350,000 pesos would be the investment of households in tools).

Families can also resort to the school combos that these boxes have, which are delivered to the children of affiliated workers between the ages of 6 and 11.

For the most part, the combo includes backpacks, notebooks, colors and other elements for their return to school.

In the case of Cafam, for example, by 2023 more than 90,000 children will benefit, with this initiative that has become an economic relief for parents.

«It is a complete option equipped with all the necessary school supplies for the children of workers affiliated with Cafam between the ages of 6 and 11 who return to their classes with items of the highest quality. In this sense, you will be able to The boys and girls for whom Cafam paid a monetary fee in November 2022 or those who are registered as affiliates of Cafam as of November 30, 2022 in category A or B can be benefited. In the event that, between the two parents affiliated with Cafam , they do not exceed income for 4 SMMLV, the children can receive a combo for each parent»said the compensation box.

(Note: by law they cannot ask you for these school supplies in 2023).

In addition to using this benefit to reduce the cost of supplies, families can opt for school fairs where you can usually find all items in one place at a discount.

These fairs have cheap options and from different suppliers at affordable prices, very opportune for these times of scarcity.