The fares of some trips they will not get a raise this year. According to the decree signed by the Government, no type of increase will be made to the vehicles that transit through the national territory through the toll stations run by Invías and the ANI.

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«Invías and ANI must apply the mechanisms agreed in the corresponding
contracts for the recognition of toll rate adjustments that may take place
on the occasion of this decree», the report reads.

Although in the last few hours users have complained online about increases in some tolls. It must be borne in mind that the decree does not apply to everyone. For example, the departmental ones or those managed by private companies could increase their price.

For example, that of Sibaté, which is in charge of the Government of Cundinamarca and whose increase will be determined by the administration.

What will happen to the dealers who raised the rates?

Pending the decree, which was announced at noon this Monday, there were several concessionaires who announced the increase in tolls. For example, Coviandin He said that as of today, January 16, the rates would rise by the equivalent of the CPI plus 3 percent.

The Ruta al Mar Concession also reported the increase in values ​​for users of the various corridors that are part of it.

The question now is what will happen to these dealers. The Minister of Transportation, Guillermo Reyes, would give a statement in the next few hours.

Minister Reyes told EL TIEMPO that the resources that are not collected due to the non-increase in tollswhich would be approximately 500,000 million pesos, would be taken out of the budget and returned with what we will recover with the valuation.

“We have the legal power to charge valuation for the roads, what happens is nobody has done it. Obviously, the valuation will not go to the less favored classes, these families will not be charged. This valuation will allow us to raise resources to finance works or to eliminate tolls. We hope that next year this theme will be ready to start charging. The higher the socioeconomic stratum and the size of the property, the more you will pay, ”he explained.

Read the full decree here: