Comedian Ray Romano will take another shot to win the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship Tournament this week and will get another chance to try to win some comeuppance for his showbiz peers and celebrity athletes from across the sporting spectrum.

The 65-year-old «Everybody Loves Raymond» star will be looking to take some of the shine off the tournament favorites. She comes into the event near Lake Tahoe as a long shot from 2000-1, according to Caesars Sportsbook, but has already come to the conclusion that she will have to settle for the back of the pack.

Romano told Fox News Digital that «there’s no chance we’re going to win.»


Ray Romano takes a swing at the 2022 American Century. (Kurtis Rix/American Century Championship)

«But you can still play well. There are world-class elite athletes out there, championship-winning athletes, Super Bowl-winning athletes, gold medal-winning athletes, and golf is, in a way, it’s the great equalizer because a schlub like me, being in show business and not a professional athlete, on any given day, I can have a great day in golf and beat one of those guys.»

And he has done it before.

Romano’s best result was 60th in the field. He placed there in 2005 and 2016. In 2005, he beat out NFL legends Emmitt Smith, Bruce Smith and Marcus Allen. In 2016, Romano again bested Dallas Cowboys legend Steve Young, Doug Flutie, Terrell Davis and Chipper Jones, to name a few.

«That’s the beauty of golf, it gives you a chance. It doesn’t give you a chance to win, but it’s fun to compete against these guys and hopefully if [I] I can go on a hot streak and have a good couple of days, yeah, if I was in the top 50 that would be very respectable,» he added. «That’s a fun part, it’s the competition.»

Edgewood Tahoe in Nevada is expected to have crowds of around 50,000 during the event. Tony Romo enters as the current champion and among the favorites to win the tournament. The tournament has raised more than $7 million for charity since it began more than three decades ago.

Romano said having a full house on the field and being able to see his colleagues in the business and the athletes he watches on TV is part of the fun for him.

Ray Romano waves to the camera at American Century 2022. (Kurtis Rix/American Century Championship)

«It’s fun to take a big shot in front of an audience,» he said, adding that his children come to the event with him and they used to walk the field when they were younger, but not so much anymore. «But they’re all sports fans, and it’s such a thrill for them to be there and to walk with Charles Barkley, Tony Romos and Aaron Rodgers and meet these guys.»

«It’s a big thrill for them, too. It’s exciting. And we’re Jet fans, so this year we’re excited because Aaron Rodgers is our quarterback now, so let’s go say hello to him.»


One of the funniest moments Romano can remember in the tournament was in 2021.

She was supposed to meet her cousin’s son-in-law, Chris Cote, who is a producer of Meadowlark Media’s «Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz Podcast.» She said she agreed to meet him on the course’s chaotic 17th hole, but things didn’t go exactly as planned.

«So, it’s the 17th hole. I’m teeing off, and it’s stressful because there are a lot of people there, and I hit one. It literally goes 30 yards to the right, and it hits a young guy in his leg, and it goes right in front of him. him,» Romano told Fox News Digital. «I came in and he’s fine, he’s fine. And I play the ball where he lands and get it on the green. I actually parried the hole. I putt and kept going.

«And that day or that night, I think I saw it online, Dan Le Batard’s people were saying to Chris, they said, ‘When Ray Romano comes, you have to tell him that you’re a relative of his. ‘ And he’s like, ‘ He’s not even going to know.’ They said, ‘Just say [him] who you are and we want to talk to him’, whatever. And that was the kid I hit in the leg,” Romano said, laughing at the moment. «And they put it on his show and everything.»

«What are the chances that they’re just standing there waiting for me to tell me that, hey, we’re kind of related, and I hit him in the leg.»

Romano said he has made up for it ever since.

Ray Romano in April 2023

Ray Romano attends a conversation and screening of «Somewhere In Queens» at The 92nd Street Y, New York on April 18, 2023 in New York City. (Dominik Bindl/Getty Images)


The first round of the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship begins on July 14 and continues through July 16. The first round can be seen on Peacock and Golf Channel. Round two and three are on NBC and Peacock.