The nba sanctioned this Saturday with four games from suspension to suspension mo bambaof the orlando magicand with three to Austin Rivers, of the minnesota timber wolfs, after the massive fight on Friday in the match between the two teams.

Both Bamba and Rivers will also have to forfeit their salaries during the period of their suspensions.

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besides, Jalen Sugs, of the Magic, was penalized with a one-game suspension for grabbing Rivers by the neck and throwing him to the ground, while Jaden McDanielsof the Wolves, was fined $20,000 for joining the brawl and shoving Bamba, the NBA reported.

At 1.32 in the third quarter, Bamba, who wasn’t playing at the time, and Rivers, who was on the court, fought in front of the Magic’s bench.

they flew fists and kicks

While the punches between Bamba and Rivers flew, numerous players and members of the coaching staff of both teams joined the brawl.

When the brawl ended, the referees decreed the expulsion of Bamba and Jalen Suggs in the Magic and Rivers, Jaden McDaniels and taurus prince in the Wolves

The game ended with a 120-127 victory for the Magic with cole antonio (20 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists) as Orlando’s top scorer.


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This brawl at Wolves-Magic came just one day after another fight in which
Dillon Brooks and Donovan Mitchell were sent off in the game on Thursday that ended in victory for the cleveland cavaliers in front of the memphis grizzlies (128-113).

Brooks, who punched the Cavaliers star in the crotch, was suspended for one game while Mitchell was fined $20,000.

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