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The world of to all the boys is expanding as the spin-off XO, kitty is scheduled to arrive in May 2023. Focusing on Lara Jean’s little sister, Kitty, who moves halfway around the world to reunite with her long-distance boyfriend. We have everything you need to know about XO, kittyincluding first look photos, first look clip, cast, and the Netflix release date.

The 30-minute drama will have jenny han and Sascha Rothchild like their showrunners. Han, whose books the to all the boys on which the films are based, he has also co-written the pilot episode with fellow novelist siobhan vivian.

To All the Boys - Lana Condor

As we mentioned, the series is a Netflix spin-off. to all the boys franchise that has seen three movies released since 2018. All three movies were Netflix favorites with the third movie reportedly garnering 51 million views for Netflix.

The series will be produced by Awesomeness and ACE Entertainment for Netflix.

Jenny Han had this to say about the project;

We all fell deeply in love with Lara Jean and her story. So I felt like the biggest gift to give Kitty was to let her, as a character, run on her own and not put her in the shadow of any of her sisters.

Here’s everything else we know about XO, kitty:

What is the Netflix release date? XO, kitty?

With the release of the first view clip, we can confirm that XO, kitty comes to Netflix on May 18, 2023.

What is the plot of XO, kitty?

In XO, kittyTeen matchmaker Kitty Song Covey thinks she knows everything there is to know about love. But when she moves halfway across the world to meet her long-distance boyfriend, she soon realizes that relationships are much more complicated when it’s your own heart on the line.

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who is cast in XO, kitty?

katherine "kitten" Song-Covey

Katherine «Kitty» Song-Covey played by Anna Cathcart

As the title suggests, anna cathcart will reprise her role as Kitty Song Cover of the to all the boys Movie (s. Cathcart’s scene-stealer Kitty played a key role in the movies plot. In the first movie, she found the letters her older sister Lara (Lana Condor), a shy high school student, had written to the boys she had a crush on and secretly sent them, triggering all the follow-up events.

We were the first to reveal that we will be seeing several new faces in the upcoming series and in April 2022, Netflix revealed who will be playing them. Let’s dive in:

xo kitty new cast members netflix

Above in the photo: Choi Min-yeong, Anthony Keyvan, Gia Kim – Below in the photo: Sang Heon Lee, Peter Thurnwald and Regan Aliyah

  • Choi Min Yeong He will play Dae, a 17-year-old Korean who will be Kitty’s long-distance boyfriend and is described as cute and smart. He will be a series regular.
  • mihee – a 17-year-old Korean woman who identifies as queer. Described as a reigning queen bee of her previous boarding school and the best cool girl of hers.
  • sang heon lee he plays Min Ho, a Korean expat who has spent time in the UK, Australia and the US. Described as handsome and super confident.
xo kitty season 1 netflix coming to netflix in may 2023 anthony keyvan

Image. XO, Kitty – Ace Entertainment

  • anthony keyvan will play Q – Male from Africa or the Middle East who identifies as queer. Described as outgoing.
  • Peter Thurnwald as Alex Park, a Korean-American man in his 20s who will serve as a chemistry teacher and international advisor for Korea’s high school and dormitory.
  • Regan Aliyah will play julianna
  • michael k lee will play Professor Lee, a literature professor in his 40s or 50s
  • yunjin kim as Jina Han, the matriarch of the wealthy Han family.
  • Jocelyn Shelfo will play madison
  • gia kim will play yuri

What is the production status of XO, kitty?

Official production status: Post-production (Last update: 03/23/2023)

The series has been in development since 2021 when Deadline confirmed reports that the series was being watched by netflix.

XO, kitty it was officially confirmed in October 2021.

We previously exclusively revealed that filming was scheduled to begin on March 7, 2022 and last until May 2022. However, thanks to an update from ProductionWeekly, we learned that filming has been moved to begin on March 28, 2022, which lasted until June 7, 2022.

Netflix only confirmed that filming was underway in Seoul, South Korea on April 5.

xo kitty season 1 netflix anna cathcart

Image. XO, Kitty – Ace Entertainment

How many episodes will there be in XO, kitty?

It is confirmed that Netflix XO, kitty It will have 10 episodes, each 30 minutes.

Jennifer Arnold, Jeff Chan, Pamela Romanowsky, and Katina Medina Mora are on board to direct the episodes.

xo kitty season 1 netflix is ​​coming to netflix in may 2023

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