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First announced in December 2022, AGBO (the production company run by Joe and Anthony Russo) is partnering with Netflix on a promising new series called Jet black. Here’s everything we know about the project so far, including some additional new details.

The first mention of the show’s existence came in an interview with Variety in December 2022. recapping the year of netflix and looking ahead with Netflix’s Peter Friedlander, the head of US and Canadian scripted series.

In that interview, here is the specific section of what was said about Jet black:

“[Variety:] We’ve heard that you have a new project in the early stages of development with Joe and Anthony Russo called «Jet Black,» a high-stakes action drama set in the world of professional race car driving. What can you tell us about that potential series?

[Friedlander:] “Jet Black” is a new development piece we partnered with the Russos on, and is set in the world of auto racing, heists, and World War II. And it’s led by the vision of Matthew Michael Carnahan. It’s a pretty scopic experience and I’ll leave you with that. But it’s a big company for us and a priority.»

AGBO, as you know, is the production company founded by Joe and Anthony Russo, the duo behind Avengers Endgame and those of netflix the gray man (which is Netflix’s fifth biggest movie release of all time).

russian brothers

Joe and Anthony Russo attend the UK Fan Event to Celebrate the Launch of Marvel Studios’ ‘Avengers: Endgame’ at Picturehouse Central on April 10, 2019 in London, England.

The production company is working with Netflix on many future projects, including Extraction 2, The Electric Statea heist movie, After midnight, and potentially the whispering man.

Who’s behind Jet black on netflix?

As mentioned above, Matthew Michael Carnahan has been selected to write and direct the new series for AGBO and Netflix.

Not to be confused with matthew carnahananother writer/producer/director behind house of lies who we heard from is also developing a project for Netflix.

Carnahan is best known for his work on feature films written in World War Z, deep water horizonand 21 bridges. In 2015 she turned to directing, working on the miniseries code of Conduct and most recently directed and wrote mosul Produced with AGBO and purchased by Netflix.

That Jet black on Netflix about?

As mentioned in the Variety interview above, the general outline of the series is that it is «set in the world of auto racing, heists and World War II.»

We have since heard that the project is billed as a crime action drama series about the origins of F1 racing in 1960s London.»

However, there is much more to learn on this front, so stay tuned.

We’ll keep you posted with everything we know about Jet Black as we learn more.