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Netflix releases dozens of new shows every month and, for the most part, offers quick renewals (or cancellations). Still, a growing list of shows have yet to receive official confirmations of their future. Here is the list of Netflix shows that have yet to be renewed as of December 2022.

This is part of a list of three ongoing articles for 2022, whereby we track all renewals on Netflix and all cancellations on Netflix. In the last article, you’ll also see a list of programs we think are at risk of being cancelled.

Another rule below is that we will not include titles older than three years and we are still waiting for renewals. In those cases, we assume that the program is dead. Titles that fall under this banner include the likes of the inocents and estuaries.

This list will be updated over time, and we’ll keep the list limited to English titles to begin with. We’ll also exclude kids’ animation, as we rarely, if ever, get confirmations from Netflix about its future until years later or days/weeks before a new season is released.

List of Netflix shows that haven’t been renewed or canceled yet

  • Aunt Donna’s Big Fun House (Season 2) – Comedy series that debuted in November 2020.
black summer season 3 netflix renewal status and pink release date

Black Summer – Picture: Netflix

  • Black Summer (Season 3) – The most recent season aired in June 2021 and hasn’t been heard from since. Our prediction is that it is probably over.
  • Blood and Water (Season 3)
  • Brewer Brothers (Season 2) – First Debuted in April 2020 – Nothing is known about future seasons of the comedy show.
  • Bookmarks (Season 2) – Educational series for children produced by Tiffany Haddish launched in September 2020.
  • Chad and JT Go Deeper (Season 2) – Comedy series that debuted in August 2022.
  • Chicago Party Aunt (Part 3) – Animated series that received a pre-order; it is not clear if it will continue in a third part.
  • Criminal: UK (Season 3) – It originally came along with many other anthology series in different languages ​​and was the only one that was renewed for a second season which was released in September 2020.
  • Uncoupled (Season 2) – Indian/English comedy series that premiered in December 2021.
  • Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings (Season 2) – It is unlikely that he will return with the showrunner now working on Netflix’s Virgin River.
  • Eternally confused and longing for love (season 2) – Comedy drama series that debuted in March 2022.
  • Far From Home (Season 2) – African coming-of-age drama that premiered in December 2022.
  • Farzar (season 2) – Animated series from the creators of Blueberry and Paradise Police.
  • Ginny and Georgia (season 3) – Probable renewal given the performance of season 2.
gods favorite jerk season 2 what we know so far

Image: Netflix

  • God’s Favorite Idiot (Season 2) – Originally commissioned for 16 episodes, but only eight have been produced and released. It is not known if it will return after its initial release in June 2022.
  • Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities (Season 2) – Horror anthology series that debuted in October 2022; it’s unclear if he’ll return even though GDT is working on other Netflix projects.
  • Hard cell (season 2) – British comedy series starring Catherine Tate. He is not expected to return for Season 2.
  • From the cold (season 2) – First debuting in March 2022, nothing is known about the future of this sci-fi thriller series.
  • It’s Bruno! (Season 2) – Comedy series that debuted in May 2019 will almost certainly not return.
  • Jiva! (Season 2) – South African drama series that premiered with 5 episodes in June 2021. Nothing is known about the future.
  • Kings of Jo’Burg (season 3) – South African series that saw its most recent season drop in January 2023.
living with yourself

Image: Netflix

  • Living With Yourself (Season 2) – Comedy drama starring Paul Rudd that debuted in October 2019.
  • Lockwood and company (season 2) – British supernatural series for teenagers. It is unclear if he will return given his performance.
  • Man vs. Bee (Season 2) – Comedy directed by Rowan Atkinson: Some have suspected that this is a limited series, but the tagging on Netflix implies that there could be more.
  • Master of None (Season 4) – It has been renewed for a third season, but it is not known if the show will return for more.
  • Medical Police (Season 2) – First debuted in January 2020; no news about future episodes nearly three years later.
  • Murderville (season 2) – Renewed for a Christmas special, but there’s no word on a full second season for the sketch comedy series.
  • Pieces of Her (Season 2) – Not billed as a limited series, pieces of her it premiered in early 2022 but has yet to receive an official renewal.
  • All the Saturday morning hits from the stars! (Season 2) – Comedy animation series that debuted in December 2021.
  • Wild Beauty (Season 2)
  • Scary Cats (Season 2) – Family fantasy series that debuted in October 2021.
  • Shanty Town (Season 2) – South African crime drama that debuted in January 2023.
  • Super PupZ (Season 2) – Children’s comedy that debuted in March 2022.
  • The Guardians of Justice (Season 2) – Adi Shankar’s experimental animation series – debuted in March 2022.
  • The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show (Season 2) – Sketch comedy series that debuted in April 2020.
  • The Last Bus (Season 2) – Children’s science fiction live action series.
  • The Letter to the King (Season 2) – Fantasy family series that debuted in March 2020. Nothing is known about future seasons.
  • The Pentaverate (Season 2) – The return of Mike Myer to comedy in the new series that premiered in May 2022.
  • The Politician (season 3) – The Ryan Murphy show that went silent after its second season premiered in June 2020.
  • Wu Assassins (Season 2) – It is not expected that he will return since the series seemed to have ended with the release of a movie.
  • Young Wallander (season 3) – The most recent season premiered in February 2022, there is no news about future seasons, but given the performance, we assume cancellation.

If you can confirm the status of any of the programs above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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