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An incredibly exciting new supernatural thriller series is on its way to Netflix in January 2023, lockwood and company. With an exciting young cast and an excellent ensemble of actors, lockwood and company could be one of the next big Netflix originals. Here’s everything we know so far about lockwood and company Season 1 on Netflix.

lockwood and company is an upcoming Netflix Original supernatural thriller series based on the young adult novels of the same name by author Jonathan Stroud. The series is produced by Complete Fiction, the same studio behind Edgar Wright. last night in sohoand the next attack the block continuation.

When is lockwood and company Is season 1 coming to Netflix?

lockwood and company will arrive on Netflix on Friday, January 27, 2023.

What is the plot of lockwood and company?

Teenage ghost hunters roam the streets of London, locked in mortal combat with the spirits of the night. Among the many adult agencies, one small start-up stands out from the crowd, Lockwood & Co, run by teens Anthony Lockwood, George Karim, and Lucy Carlysle. Together, the renegade trio is free of financial motives and adult supervision, but is destined to change the course of history forever as they unravel a great mystery.

Who are the cast members of lockwood and company?

The announcement of the cast of lockwood and company has plenty of book fans excited for what’s to come.

Leading the cast is Bridgerton actress Ruby Stokes, a rising star. Stokes will play the role of Lucy Carlyle.

lockwood and company ruby ​​stokes netflix

Making his television debut in lockwood and company is Cameron Chapman, who assumes the role of Anthony Lockwood.

lockwood and company cameron chapman netflix

Meanwhile, Ali Hadji-Heshmati (Alex Rider) rounds out the detective trio as George Karim.

lockwood and co ali hadji heshmati netflix

He also joins the cast of lockwood and company are the following;

  • Ivan Jeremiah (humans) as Inspector Barnes
  • Lucas Treadaway (attack the block) as The Golden Sword
  • Morven Christie (The Bay) as Penelope Fittes
  • Jack Bandera (gunpowder shake) as Quill Kipps
  • Ben Crompton (game of Thrones) as Julius Winkman
  • Hayley Konadu (Imperfect) as Flo Bones
  • Rhianna Dorris (The boy who would be king) as Kat Godwin
  • holland rice (Invasion) as Bobby Vernon

lockwood and co cast members netflix

What is the production status of lockwood and company?

Official production status: Post-production (Last update: 03/17/2022)

Principal photography for Lockwood & Co. started in july 2021 and was ongoing for several months before finally concluding in March 2022.

Judging by some of the behind-the-scenes posts on social media, filming for the series took place in blocks. With the second block coming to an end in early December 2021.

Eagle-eyed fans following the production practically broke the news that Bridgerton star Ruby Stokes had joined the cast.

What is the episode count?

It has been confirmed that the first season of lockwood and company It will have a total of 8 episodes. Each episode lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Which lockwood and company Is the program adapting?

In total, there are five lockwood and company books. The series will begin with the adaptation of the first novel in the series, the screaming staircase. However, it is unclear if multiple books will be covered in one season.

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We imagine that if fans had their way, each season would cover the events of each book, which would work out to a total of five seasons.

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