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Netflix is ​​expanding its collection of LEGO titles today, with all ten episodes of Season 1 of the new LEGO DREAM Zzz franchise coming to service in various regions on May 15, 2023.

Titled Trials of the Dream Chasers, the new 10-part series is part of an «initial» batch of episodes hitting Netflix in dozens of regions today.

Here’s what you can expect from the new series:

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“A group of children join a secret agency where they learn to use the power of imagination to travel to the world of dreams and create fantastic creations to help sleeping children terrorized by the evil Nightmare King who is bent on conquering the world. of dreams and invading the waking world.

The official lego site it also states that the series will stream on Prime Video, YouTube, and on the LEGO website. The site also stated that the show is appropriate for children working with «more than 23,000 children in our research for this show», making it their «most researched show».

Nathan Shepherd and Melissa G. Shepherd wrote the new series, with Pamela J. Keller serving as producer. Asa Tait, Tommy Andreasen, Nathan Shepherd, Melissa Shepherd, Joshua Wexeler and Sanjee Gupta serve as executive producers.

The LEGO® DREAMZzz voice cast includes:

  • Marcos “Marco” Cardenas like matthew
  • Maria del Mar like Mrs. Castillo
  • Larissa Dias like izzie
  • Brian Drummond like Mr Oz
  • alejandro juliani as night hunter
  • Stephen Wolf like joseph
  • Adam Nurada how I whine
  • giles panton as masked hero
  • Laara Sadiq as Cooper’s mother, Susan
  • mike taylor like cooper
  • vincent tong like Logan, sneaky
  • sarah jeffery like zoey

studies of pure imagination is the main animation studio behind the new series, with Zebu Animation India assisting with production.

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games for LEGO DREAM Zzz launch in august.

As you may have heard, Netflix and LEGO are also teaming up on a new series in June. As we reported last month, Netflix in the US will LEGO Ninjago: Dragons Rising exclusively from June 1st.

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