Welcome to our roundup of the big numbers by the end of 2022, where we’ll take a look at Netflix’s top four regions, how big their libraries are, what’s been added throughout 2022, and several other interesting stats for the year.

If you’ve missed our library by the numbers in the last two years, you can revisit our 2021 review here and our 2020 review here.

Which country has the largest library of Netflix US, UK, Canada and Australia?

All Netflix regions have increased their library totals in 2022, and Netflix US now has nearly 6,500 titles. Still, Netflix UK has increased its lead considerably over Canada, Australia and the US (we’ll explain why in a second).

Here’s a chart breaking down the total library totals as of December 31, 2022, for CA, UK, US, and AU:

netflix library compared us uk ca au

Total Netflix library by region

Why Netflix UK’s library has skyrocketed in 2022 (again)

In recent years, Netflix UK’s library has grown much larger than most other regions.

In 2022, the library in the UK grew by more than 10%, from 7,078 titles to more than 7,800 titles.

According to our analysis, this is mainly because Netflix across Europe has been buying a lot of documentaries, movies and series for meet controversial quotas.

Which Netflix region globally has the most total titles?

The answer to this is the Czech Republic! According to unogsits library has almost 9,000 titles in 8,779.

How does Netflix’s total library compare to its competitors?

In recent years, Netflix has had a lot of new competitors in the market, particularly in the US. So how many titles does Netflix have compared to those competitors?

Unfortunately, getting accurate counts isn’t easy, so we’ll rely on a few sources. For Netflix, we will use our data. For Disney+, we will use newondisney.info; for everyone else, we’ll use JustWatch.

We added error lines for JustWatch because its data may be a bit out of date based on our research.

netflix library totals vs competitors

How many Netflix Originals did Netflix release in 2022?

Netflix added 891 Netflix Originals in 2022, a substantial increase from 2021, when 788 Netflix Originals were added.

Here’s how it breaks down month by month:

Netflix Originals Added by Month in 2022

Netflix Original Additions by Month in 2022

However, this differs slightly by region. Here are the total Netflix original releases in 2022 in the other three countries we’re tracking:

  • UK: 878 Netflix Original Releases in 2022
  • CA – 886 Netflix original releases in 2022
  • Australia: 889 Netflix Original Releases in 2022

Which region has the most Netflix originals?

Wait, aren’t all Netflix originals global? No!

Netflix in select regions can often stream shows or movies that are not in other regions.

Some examples include derry girls be a Netflix original in the US but not in the UK, Better call Saul being a Netflix original in the UK but not in the US However, when all is said and done, there isn’t a huge difference in the number of originals per region, with the US slightly outperforming the others three comparison regions.

Country Number of Netflix Originals
USA 3415
United Kingdom 3384
CAN 3391
Australia 3398

Netflix Original now makes up over 50% of Netflix’s library (but only in the US)

Earlier this year, we were the first to report that Netflix had reached the threshold of having 50% of its library as Netflix Originals. That means there’s now a Netflix Original for every piece of licensed content.

That was in August 2022, and it has only grown.

At press time, the figure currently stands at 53.42% of all US Netflix titles that are originals.

Here’s how those numbers differ between the US and the UK:

  • US Netflix Original Division – 53.42%
  • Netflix UK Original Division – 43.24%

A couple of years ago, we found that the US percentage is increasing by about 0.88% each month, and so far, it’s been pretty accurate.

Here’s when we currently expect Netflix US to hit some major new milestones:

  • 60% – ~July 2023
  • 75% – ~December 2024
  • 100% – ~May 2027

According to PlumResearchTheir panel data suggests that licensed content still accounts for more than 50% of total viewing, which means that while Netflix should focus on Netflix Originals, it shouldn’t abandon licensed content too quickly either.

Netflix Original removals are increasing exponentially

This year, one of the unreported stories is the number of Netflix Originals that have started to leave the service as their license agreements begin to be renewed.

For the most part, once the removal date appears, they are gone. In some cases, Netflix has renewed them before their removal or after the fact, the biggest example being lilyhammer which was renovated for several years.

We’ve been cataloging all Netflix Original removals here, and the chart below shows how many have been removed since 2017. Note that we’ve excluded some titles from this chart, such as New Year’s Eve Countdowns and promo clips.

netflix original eliminations overtime

Netflix Original Removals Between 2017 and 2022

What season number was the new Netflix original series released in 2022?

Finally, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I was going to exclude this chart from the article, but thought I’d include and add some caveats.

The biggest caveats are that we have included Limited Series and Season 1s for this chart. We’ve done this because we rely on Netflix’s season labeling, which can sometimes be incorrect or misleading. For example, Pepsi, where is my plane? it’s tagged as a season 1 even though there was never any intention to bring it back, and it should be a limited series.

However, whichever way it cuts and changes the parameters, there is no denying a steep drop off in the second and subsequent seasons.

New Netflix Original Series Releases Season 1 vs. Season 2, etc.

Thanks to various sources like NewOnNetflix.infoFlixPatrol, Unogs, and JustWatch for helping with this article.

Have we missed any important Netflix stats for 2022? Let us know in the comments below.