Four years after announcing her retirement from acting, Cameron Diaz is return to the big screen in the upcoming action comedy back in action. Diaz will be reuniting with fellow Annie actor Jamie Foxx, who will be working on his fifth original for Netflix. Here’s everything we know so far about back in action on Netflix.

back in action is an upcoming Netflix Original comedy-action film directed by horrible bosses’ Seth Gordon. neighbors writer Brendan O’Brien scripted the feature. Datary Turner (uncorked) and Mark McNair (in the storm) join O’Brien as executive producers of the project.

Other producers are beau baumman for Good One Productions and director seth gordon for Annex A.

What is the plot of back in action?

No plot details have been released at this time.

Who are the cast members of back in action?

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The biggest casting news for back in action she’s an actress Cameron Diaz coming out of retirement to act with Jamie Foxx for the third time in his career.

Diaz previously starred opposite Foxx in the 1999 sports drama. any sundayand once again in 2014 in the new version of annie. Ironically, annie it was the last film Diaz starred in before announcing his retirement in 2018.

With a little help from NFL legend Tom Brady, Jamie Foxx helped Diaz come out of retirement.

Foxx has been extremely busy working on Netflix projects for the past two years. As of 2020, Foxx starred in the superhero movie. project powerthe comedy Dad, stop embarrassing me! vampiric action Day shift and They cloned Tyronea sci-fi comedy to be released in 2022.

Speaking with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Diaz said acting feels «different» after taking an extended break from Hollywood.

“I did that for so long, it’s like the process, I just fell back into it. But it feels a little different.»

“The last movie I did was annie with Jamie, so the first movie back is this movie with Jamie. He’s so cool, so easy, so professional, so talented and to be able to work with him.»

In Production Weekly issue 1341 we learn that new cast members have been revealed. Joining Foxx and Diaz are Kyle Chandler, Glenn Close, Andrew Scott, Jamie Demetriou, McKenna Roberts, and Rylan Jackson.

new cast returns to action cameron diaz returns to acting

From top left to bottom right; Kyle Chandler, Glenn Close, Andrew Scott, Jamie Demetriou, McKenna Roberts, and Rylan Jackson

What is the production status of back in action?

Current state of production: Filming.

By Display Daily, the film will begin production at Netflix’s London Shepperton Studios. The movie is also believed to be filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

Filming took place at the UK unit from December 2, 2022 to March 9, 2023. Production will move to the Georgia unit, where further filming will take place between March 27, 2023 and April 14. of 2023.

netflix shepperton studios

Netflix at Shepperton Studios

When is the back in action Netflix release date?

Netflix has not confirmed a release date for back in actionHowever, we expect the action comedy to be released in early 2024.

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