If one of the purposes for 2023 is have own houseThe announcement made by the Minister of Housing, Catalina Velasco, helped make this dream of thousands of families in the country a reality.

The ‘Mi Casa Ya’ program, which was created in 2015 to benefit households that have income less than four monthly salaries (4,640,000 pesos), will be lost during the government of President Gustavo Petro, but will have several changes.

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«The Mi Casa Ya program will continueIt is a robust program that has helped a lot, not only the families that are beneficiaries but also the construction sector, which is an engine of the economy in our country,» said the minister.

However, it has been found to be concentrated in three cities: Cali, Barranquilla and Bogota. Therefore, it will be sought that the distribution of the subsidies is done throughout the country and can reach small and intermediate cities.

The Mi Casa Ya program will continue, it is a robust program that has helped a lot

This will be the first change that the program will have, but work will also be done so that it can beneficiary to families that have an informal job. «We have seen that those who can have credit and savings, and therefore a subsidy, are middle-class families. Those with lower incomes need additional support,» added the official.

equally the supply of social housing will be diversified because it is currently very homogeneous and in the country there is a need for other types of houses (rural, ethnic, raizal and peasant) that can be adapted to the conditions of each family.

Currently, through this program, families that meet the established requirements can obtain a monetary subsidy of 23.2 million or 34.8 million pesos -depending on their income- to buy their home.

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In addition, they will receive a interest rate hedge of five percentage points for priority interest homes that do not exceed 104.4 million pesos, and four percentage points for social interest homes of up to 156.6 million pesos or up to 174 million pesos for urban agglomerations whose population exceeds one million inhabitants.

in 2022 65,000 Mi Casa Ya subsidies were delivered, a 3 percent decrease from the 67,000 that were delivered the previous year. Of the total, 41,800 had financing corresponding to 2022 and the rest of the subsidies were supported with a future validity of the year 2023.

Additionally, Minister Catalina Velasco verified that, in quantitative terms, it is required 1.2 million new homes in Colombiabut there is also a qualitative deficit: approximately 3.5 million homes that are built have physical problems.

«The Cambia Mi Casa program, which will carry out 100,000 home improvements for four years, it aims to improve the qualitative deficit, that is, to improve bathrooms, kitchens, floors and ceilings. We believe that we have to work there and that is where we are going to place a great emphasis, ”he said.