The success of an experimental study in mice has paved the way for the creation of a male birth control pill. According to the scientists who have led this research, one day this drug could be used as a birth control for men. But how exactly would this treatment work? The answer is that, for now, yes.We only know how it has worked in rodents. Although the study itself could give some clues as to how it will lead to clinical trials and how it could eventually be used in real life.

In early tests of this compound, scientists administered small doses of the experimental drug to mice. First, through injections. Later, with pills. Both compounds were designed to ‘attack’ a very specific enzyme in sperm. Previous studies have already shown that this specific protein plays a key role in the fertility process of men.

pill effect

The experiment emerged that this compound, took between 30 minutes and an hour Before having sexual intercourse, it manages to ‘block’ the function of the spermatozoa for several hours in order to avoid pregnancy. The study in rodents suggests that the treatment has 100% effective in the first two hours and 91% from the third. During this period, the animals that took it can have sexual relations and even ejaculate normally, but they did not fertilize the female.

He effect of this ‘birth control pill’ disappeared after 24 hours after its intake. In other words, just one day after taking it, all the mice returned to their normal fertility levels. The scientists who have led this study argue that, at least in the first tests, no adverse effects were observed in any of the animals that took this formula. Not even in those who taken continuously for six weeks.

study process

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The scientists who have led this study look with hope at the good results obtained to date but, even so, remember that still a long way to go before getting a male birth control pill. For now, this experimental drug will continue to be tested on animals. If it passes preclinical testing, the drug could reach the phase of clinical trials. The tests on patients they would start with small groups of volunteers first and, if all goes well, large-scale trials could be carried out. If the safety and efficacy of the drug is demonstrated in this process, the health authorities could study its approval.

He clinical studies and trials process it could take years (as is already the case with hundreds of other compounds currently being studied in laboratories). Even so, according to the experts who have led this study, thanks to this type of scientific advances we are getting closer to being able to go to a pharmacy and order a birth control pill for men.