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One of Netflix’s first big TV releases of 2023 is lockwood and company, and the show is certainly preparing a second season, but will it have one? Here’s what we know so far and how well the show is performing so far.

Developed by Joe Cornish, the new supernatural series (often compared to a «teenager Ghostbusters“) is a British-produced 8-episode series that follows the first two books of Jonathan Stroud’s books.

Reviews of the show from critics so far have been strong. Based on just 10 reviews (Netflix did not provide advanced filters to our knowledge), the series has a 90% on RottenTomatoes, 94% audience on RT, and a 7.6 on IMDb.

lockwood and company Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Official renewal status on Netflix: Earring
Our renewal prediction: 50/50

Over a week after launch from lockwood and company released on Netflix, it is not known if the series will return.

We look forward to hearing about the future of the program after a month of being on the platform and after collecting an adequate amount of data. As we’ve discussed before, things like completion rate, number of starters, and things like cost all play a role in renewals.

We should point out that, particularly over the last year, Netflix has largely struggled with genre shows that skew the younger crowd (teenagers, etc.). Last year, we saw the cancellation of the likes of First murder, resident Evil, the imperfect, the midnight club, and The bastard son and the devil himself all failed to go beyond season 1, while warrior nun I couldn’t get a third season.

The big question is, will this trend continue in 2023?

that’s good lockwood and company acting on netflix?

Through multiple sources, we can see how well Lockwood & Co is doing on Netflix.

first let’s start with hourly data from Netflix itself. Every Tuesday, Netflix releases 40 figures an hour on its top-performing titles in four categories.

In its first week, Lockwood & Co debuted as the sixth-biggest title in terms of hours watched, with 25.12 million hours between January 22-29:

week period Hours seen (M) Range Week in the Top 10
January 22, 2023 to January 29, 2023 25,120,000 6 1

Let’s compare its opening week to several other shows in the same genre that premiered in 2022 (and, notably, didn’t make Season 2 orders).

As you can see, the program lasted a few hours longer than the imperfect but much less than First murder and resident Evil. We’ll have to see how well the show performs in weeks 2 and 3 to see more:

hours watched for programs of various genres netflix

Hours watched of programs of various genres on Netflix

Those are top 10 raw figures per hour, but let’s try to put it on a level playing field with similar shows in the same genre as lockwood.

Using CVE (taking hours watched and then dividing by total show duration), we can see that the show got off to a stronger start than two other British series, such as stopshearts (which was renewed for two seasons) and mean bad.

However, according to our top 10 report, Lockwood was still on the low end for English-language series debuts, generally saying, “with just 4.4 million CVEs in its first three days, that’s really bass for a new English-language series. ”

lockwood and co vs other british series

Viewership of Lockwood & Co CVE vs. Other Netflix Originals

Looking at raw top 10 via FlixPatrol, the show peaked in the number of points it scored in the top 10 of the series in the first three or four days, but has held up only by being pushed out by newer titles.

However, the performance of the program seems to be global. It is doing particularly well in Asian territories like India and Pakistan.

Here’s what his performance in the Netflix top 10 looks like so far:

lockwood and co flixpatrol data

Image: Flix Patrol

How well is the program performing on the largest web overall? Often referred to as «demand», we will use televisionstats.com to track the program’s performance on sites like Wikipedia, Google, Reddit, and IMDb.

Their data shows that the series peaked in terms of external demand on January 31 and has since fallen, but is still in the top 10.

popularity of lockwood and company televisionstats

Popularity at Lockwood & Co – Image: TelevisionStats.com

What to expect from Lockwood & Co season 2 on Netflix

Since the series seems to be adapting the books in order, logic dictates that we would see the following entries adapted for season 2.

For those unfamiliar, that would mean we’d probably see the hollow boy I the creeping shadow adapted, leaving the empty tomb for a future season.

As digital spy notes, some of the general questions of the second season would be how exactly Lockwood’s parents died, as it is slowly revealed throughout the season that there is more to that story than meets the eye.

That brings us to the cliffhanger that ends with the bedroom door otherwise having been closed all season opening only for the credits to start rolling.

A Redditor has already predicted what might be in the locked room, suggesting that it might be «The ghosts of his parents» or «More relics that have to do with his family».

series lockwood co netflix

Image: Netflix

You would like to see lockwood and company return for a second season on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.