Divorce Lawyer Shin – Picture: jTBC, Netflix, TVING

A new k-drama from jTBC is headed to Netflix in March 2023. The law k-drama Shin Divorce Lawyer will star Cho Seung Woo and Han Hye Jin. Here’s everything we know so far about Shin Divorce Lawyer on Netflix.

Shin Divorce Lawyer is an upcoming internationally licensed South Korean Netflix k-drama series written by screenwriter Yoo Young Ah and directed by Lee Jae Hoon.

When is Shin Divorce Lawyer are you coming to netflix

The first episode of Shin Divorce Lawyer It will premiere on Netflix on Saturday, March 4, 2023.

The series will have a total of twelve episodes. Two episodes will be available each week on Saturdays and Sundays.

Each episode will have an approximate runtime

Shin Divorce Lawyer episode release schedule

episodes of Shin Divorce Lawyer will premiere on Netflix the same day as its broadcast in South Korea on the jTBC cable television network.

Episode Netflix release date
1 04/03/2023
2 05/03/2023
3 11/03/2023
4 12/03/2023
5 03/18/2023
6 03/19/2023
7 03/25/2023
8 03/26/2023
9 04/01/2023
10 04/02/2023
eleven 04/08/2023
12 09/04/2023

What is the plot of Shin Divorce Lawyer?

the synopsis of Shin Divorce Lawyer has been sourced from Soompi:

The story of a talented divorce lawyer named Shin Sung Han. As a skilled divorce lawyer, the incredibly sensitive Shin Sung Han must deal with clients who are incredibly wild, but he finds solace in his two closest friends and fellow «40-year-olds.» ”, Jang Hyung Geun and Jo Jung Sik.

Who are the cast members of Shin Divorce Lawyer?

Cho Seung Woo plays the lead role Shin Sung Han. An extremely popular actor, Netflix subscribers will be familiar with his work on shows like Sisyphus: the myth, Strangeand Life.

cho seung woo shin divorce lawyer season 1 netflix k drama

In the photo. cho seung woo

Han Hye Jin plays the lead role of Lee Seo Jin. This will be Han Hye Jin’s Netflix debut, outside of Netflix she has starred in jumong, a warm wordand Syndrome.

Han Hye Jin divorce lawyer shin season 1 netflix k drama

In the photo. Han Hye Jin

Kim Sung Kyun plays the lead role of Jang Hyung Geun. He was previously seen on DP and will return for its upcoming second season on Netflix. He also had a special appearance in the second season of hospital playlist.

Jung Moon Sung plays the lead role of Jo Jung Shik. She previously starred in both seasons of hospital playlist, Life and prison playbook.

So far, six cast members have been confirmed so far. Divorce Lawyer Sin;

  • Kang Mal Geum (Squid Game) as Kim So Yeon
  • Cha Hwa Yun (Again) as Ma Geum Hee
  • Jeon Bae Soo (All of us are dead) as Park Yoo Seok
  • Han Jae Seok (Secret Royal Inspector) as Choi Joon
  • Noh Susanna (To All The Boys Who Loved Me) as Jin Young Joo
  • Kim Tae Hyang (Tracer) as Seo Jong Kook

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