James Rodriguez he is suspended between his glorious past and the enigma of his future. He is a faded star. The only sign of movement of him is the decline of him. But James is still his name, and that is valid. Today he does not have a team, he is a free player, he trains personally and publishes on his social networks how he trains, as if he anticipated something coming, a resurgence or a movement that shakes this stagnant present. James is torn between the challenge of staying current at a high fall level or continuing his frenzy.

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James, despite everything, appears daily on sports news portals that talk about his future, as if he did not lack options, as if his name did his homework. In the last week he sounded for English clubs like Crystal Palace, Brighton and Everton, in which he was already; He is also linked to Brazilian clubs, mainly Botafogo, who sought him out so much. Before, it seemed a given that he was going to Türkiye, and neither. He was recently mentioned by France, for Lyon. And in this storm of media assumptions, he sounded even for Indonesian soccer.

James became an everyday attraction in the transfer market, although not in the best market. Back to the elite, the one he savored in Real Madrid and Bayern MunichIt no longer seems like a close scenario, but it stabilizes at a high and competitive level if it must be your obsession.

James Rodriguez trains.

‘Not for a top league’

International transfer experts see him as current, highlighting the talent that gave him his fame and that makes him a permanent protagonist in the transfer market, but they no longer see it for the maximum level.

One of them is Nicholas Schira, renowned journalist and one of the transfer market experts. His analysis is accurate. “James has a great talent. But for his age (31 years), for the last few seasons that have not been fantastic, and for his very high salary, it is difficult for him to go to a top club. Now I think he can stay in Europe or also go to these very rich championships where he can be the protagonist. Like Arabia or the MLS (United States) or in South America, where they will surely ask about him«, given.

James Rodríguez during his time at Olympiacos in Greece.


Twitter: @olympiacosFC

It is clear that James does not put down roots, but he enjoys an aura. Sounds. resonates. His name still communicates. He’s not an easy player to dismiss, but he’s not an easy player to sign either.

“Right now it is not a primary objective. He is free from a contract, but his salary is very high, so it is not easy to see him in a top championship, ”adds Schira.

The background doesn’t help either. Going to Qatar was an escape route, but she pushed him off the map. olympiacos It seemed like a new springboard, but he left through the back door before his contract was up.

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James Rodríguez training in the gym


Instagram: James Rodriguez

‘Today is a bet’

The perception that arouses is no longer that of praise. luca marchetti is another expert in transfers of the Sky Sport chain. If asked about James’ chances to compete at the highest level, he has reservations about it.

“In Europe they pronounce everything attached: James Rodríguez. O James. Rodríguez there are many, James one. Now maybe not even that. 10 years ago he was the highest paid player in the world: now he is a free agent. Can he still play at a high level? We don’t need him, but him. We shouldn’t even ask ourselves the question: someone who was the top scorer in the world, who won everything with Real Madrid as the protagonist, how is he not going to play yet. Without having suffered serious injuries. And instead I end up in Qatar and Greece. James has to decide. Either to recover in Europe or to earn money. Together it’s almost impossible.»

Marchetti, who daily reports on the main transfers in Italian Calcio, does not see a strong option for James in Europe.

James Rodríguez’s historic goal against Uruguay. He was awarded the Puskas prize in 2014.


Julian Finney. fake images

Returning to the path of the past is not easy or obvious. Today, taking James means making a bet. 10 years ago it was a luxury.

“Today there are not many who want to bet on him, the only one who seems to have understood this is Carlo Ancelotti. Much is said about his lifestyle but above all his magic has been less and less. That’s what matters. It’s like, once he knows the notoriety, once he gets to the top, he’s almost satisfied. Returning to the path of the past is not easy or obvious. Today, taking James means making a bet. 10 years ago it was a luxury”.

James is an uncertainty. He sometimes does things that keep the legend of his southpaw alive. He made them in Greece. And then he makes others that seem to be from another leg. At 31 years old, he is facing a decisive moment, the search for some stability, to last in one place. But where?

Gianluca DiMarzio is another prestigious Italian journalist who is an expert on transfers. He knows the market inside out and inside out. He gives the perception of him.

I can speak for Italy and no, here it is no longer attractive for top-level clubs. For upper-middle level teams, perhaps like Fiorentina or Lazio, it may be an opportunity, but certainly not for the money they have always earned. Here’s the perception that James is now a player going for the late-career inning”, he says for EL TIEMPO.

James Rodríguez, who in the past shone like a sun, is today a faded star, but he still has his name and his left foot, let’s see what flames he has left.

Editor of EL TIEMPO

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