Have a short stature can suppose a big complex, especially in men. there is even a disorder, called Napoleon complex which, according to the dictionary Merriam Websterconsistent «a domineering attitude or aggression perceived as a form of overcompensation for being visibly small or short». This term is associated with the emperor Napoleon Bonapartewho is said to have compensated for his height with his thirst for conquest and war.

scientifically proven

Leaving aside the possible complexes, short people also have their good points: they live longer. This is demonstrated by a studyMade in 2012who investigates the relationship that exists between the height and survival Delaware ex-military born between 1866 and 1915 in a town of Sardinia (Italy).

The results show that people short (measuring less than 1.61 meters)as general norm they have a higher range big Delaware survival that the people who meet above this same height.

Furthermore, it is concluded that 70 years of age the short people they have one Life expectancy two years mayor than taller people.

A widely studied question

Other study made decades before (in 1992) by Thomas T. Samarasone of the authors of the previous investigations, also supports that theory. At work they collect height, weight and age data for 373 men of the record of the San Diego Veterans Administration Medical Center (California, United States).

Are the conclusions obtained Similar: men with a height greater than 1.75 meters live a average of almost 5 years less that those who have a top height. Similarly, the men under 1.70 they live 7.46 years plus than those who measure at least 1.82.

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United Nations analysis further recent, specifically of 2017investigate this relationship in 3,901 living and deceased basketball playerswith a average height of 1.94 meters and compressed into a period spanning from 1946 to 2010.

The findings also demonstrated the veracity of previous studies: lthe players taller appeared younger than those lowest in all decades, with the exception of the years 1941 to 1950.