One of the most important economic events of this year is passing unnoticed, the plan of The largest home in the country is promoted by simple people and a company with a social sense. This is the story:

Magaly Córdoba is not an everyday woman, she is a guardian angel for 853 families of SuperGIROS collaborators in Colombia who changed their lives through a transformative idea, will ensure that everyone in the company has their own home.

Magaly lives in Pasto, she had a baby products store 10 years ago and at her door there was a stall from which she sold chance.

Yorlani Alvarado, one of the many displaced persons who left the armed confrontation in the Colombian Pacific, worked for Magaly there, but her salary was not enough to support a family of seven people and simultaneously pay the rent for the small room where they lived, for the same It was difficult for many of the chancers that this pair of women knew, who inevitably fell into the “drop by drop” trap that leaves more poverty than debt.

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With that pasto audacity that does not measure risks, Magaly and Yorlany decided to silently start a crusade to ensure that everyone had their own home, knowing that they did not have a penny for it.

They put together a simple strategy, force themselves into the commitment, start all kinds of activities that would allow them to get the down payment on each home and take advantage of government subsidy plans.

But how to achieve it without saving capacity? The first step was to separate 36 apartments in a social interest housing project that was born in Pasto, the initial fee per apartment was six million pesos and they would have a year to pay it.

Without being scared Magaly and her adventure companions with only 50 thousand pesos obtained in coins given to the future owners with their purpose in empanadas and coffee in thermos that were sold on the corners of the popular sectors of Pasto.

The venture left 120,000 pesos, with that money the raw material to make breakfasts was purchased. in boxes that were sold at dawn in cargo areas of the capital of Nariño and these street sales for two months became the plant for a bingo that with an orchestra, donated prizes and citizen support using 12 million profits.

«Nothing would have been possible without the courage of the 36 founding partners and the SuperGIROS company that accompanied us from the very beginning,» says Magaly, emotionally recalling the moment it started.

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The entire money went to the construction company, but it was still insufficient, it was only enough to pay the down payment for 2 of the 36 houses. Magaly then resorted to the National Savings Fund without success because, since they were independent workers, the figure of mortgage loans did not apply.

Nothing would have been possible without the courage of the 36 founding partners and the SuperGIROS company that accompanied us from the very beginning.

Without despair, but with frustration and knowing that the then President Juan Manuel Santos was in Pasto on his re-election campaign, he approached the place where he was meeting with local leaders, wearing a T-shirt that said: «A chance for a house» to try After speaking with the first president together with his group of entrepreneurs, the action failed, but not his intention, a young man who was at the door of the compound where Santos was dispatching at that moment and who was observing the stubborn action of Magaly and her friends in search of After making contact with the president, he became interested in them when he observed the scene full of insistence curiously.

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The spontaneous person was Martín, the eldest son of the president, who, according to the story, immediately opened the door for Magaly and the president to meet and from there the line of credit was born in the National Savings Fund that today supports independent workers in their purpose of being owners and that has almost a thousand collaborators of this company opening their own house.

Gustavo Gómez, Chairman of the SuperGIROS board knew from day zero the titanic action of the Magaly girls, Gómez did not hesitate for a minute to join the initiative, creating an internal support fund from the company for anyone who applied to the FNA mortgage line of credit, Today the company contributes up to 20 million pesos in subsidies for each beneficiary to add to the initial fee or to make improvements to homesnew or used, for which the National Savings Fund generates credit.

The initiative is now spread throughout the country and the largest business housing plan in Colombia is slowly being built from SuperGIROS.

«Banks are even looking for us to lend us money without further formalities, the payment culture of the brand’s members is admirable, having their own home makes them even more judicious,» says Córdoba, recalling how hard it was to get the first financial allies.

Today 853 homes are in the hands of SuperGIROS employees, most of whom are women heads of household. and no one will take them out of there, according to Magaly, because their houses are the living testimony of what their members do for themselves.

Magaly went through her audacity to be a salesperson, as she defines herself, to become a partner of this initiative that has more than 25,000 points in its service network in 23 departments and that has more than 70,000 collaborators throughout the country.

SuperGIROS is on its way to being, in addition to the largest service network in the country, the most successful real estate development project in Colombia for its collaborators that now and thanks to the alliance with the company they are full of indoor dreams.


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