In Colombia, as currently defined by law, workers can access a pension after having contributed 1,300 weeks (about 26 years) and after reaching the required age, which is 62 for men and 57 for women.

(Colombians abroad will be able to quote a pension: this is the process).

Although the retirement age in Colombia is below the average for OECD countries, which is 60.3 years for women and 66.7 years for men, the country’s pensioners are among those who enjoy the least the retirement period.

It is estimated that in Colombia, those who obtain a pension enjoy this benefit for less than a decade Because?

According to the most recent figures from the National Aging and Old Age Plan in Colombia, prepared by the previous government, the life expectancy of men in the country is 73.8 years and that of women is 80.1. In other words, the average life of Colombians is 76.9 years and it is expected to increase to 80 in the next 30 years.

According to these figures, men receive an average of 11 years of pension, taking into account that they retire at age 62 and their estimated life in Colombia is 73 years.

(Pension funds register a new all-time high).

In the case of women, The figures indicate that they receive a greater benefit since they retire at 57 and live to be 80. In other words, on average they receive 23 years of pension.

However, there is another variable that can help define how much Colombians enjoy the pension and that is their healthy life. That is, how healthy are they to take advantage of the pension allowance.

According to calculations recently presented by Bloomberg News, Colombians do not even have enough to enjoy their pension for a decade.

According to the publication, the average healthy life of men in Colombia is 70 years. For women, the healthy life expectancy is around 80 years.

The Bloomberg News ranking places Colombia as second among the countries with the shortest healthy retirement life in the world.

(In what pension funds invest the money of contributors).

Older adults in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Latvia, and the United States have the least healthy lives, while in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, there are higher life expectancies healthy.