According to Camacol figures, in 2022 168,224 Social Interest Homes (VIS) were sold in the country8.4 percent less compared to the 183,641 units that were reported a year ago.

This year it is expected that thousands of families fulfill their dream of having their own home and they receive their home, but on many occasions the construction companies deliver them in gray works and it is necessary to make additional investments to have the dream home.

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If this redevelopment is not planned in advance, can become a headachesince many people do not know how to deal with the completion of finishes and how much it could cost.

The first step to have the dream home is, if possible, set a budget so that the remodeling does not end up costing more than what can be paid and many things that were originally planned cannot be completed.

Then the key is quote with several companies to be able to choose the one that can meet the remodeling expectations, but within the stipulated budget. Currently, in the market you can find various companies dedicated to this type of works.

What you should take into account, in principle, is the delivery date of the property and competent are the finishes or materials with which the construction company delivers it

According to the startup Vivvidero, finishing finishes and remodeling homes can have an average cost of 24 million pesosif it is a VIS apartment of about 30 square meters.

«The most interesting thing about the gray work is that it can be interpreted as a blank canvas on which any work of art can be carried out. In this sense, what you should take into account, in principle, is the delivery date of the property and excellent are the finishes or materials with which the construction company delivers it. This is fundamental because it will be the base with which to start to know what is needed and put together a budget”, assured Santiago Zúñiga, CEO of Vivvidero.

Mundo Decorativo is another company that offers this type of service and handles various budgets, ranging from 15.5 million pesos if it is only white work up to 30.5 million pesos if you want a complete remodeling of the house.

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It even also provides carpentry services, installation of security cameras and personalized vinyl and paintings, among others. Additionally, quotes may or may not include the cost of ceramics.

However, the final value of a project thought of the square meters that you have the space, the quality of the materials used, and if you want to add other things, such as changing the toilet or sink, additional electrical or water points or a reinforcement of the main door.

Another important aspect that should be taken into account is that the company offers the signing of a contract, as this can be a guarantee at the time of any breach. If possible, the contract includes the method of payment for progress of work.

In the case of Decorative World three payments are requested. The first two are 35 percent of the total value of the remodeling on a date agreed between the parties, and 30 percent is paid with the final delivery of the project.

Meanwhile, Vivvidero only requires 5 percent of the total value of the project to start and then charges 50 percent for the start and execution of the work. Halfway through the remodeling, 40 percent and upon completion the other remaining 5 percent.

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5 recommendations to have the dream home

  • Time versus reality: Everyone hopes to have the home of their dreams as soon as possible, however, it must be clear that this type of project takes time. This also came out of what was agreed with the contractor who decided to commission the work.
  • How would you use your home: It is important to determine what will be the use you want to give the house. If it is for rent, the budget can be reduced by looking for finishes that are of a lower range, but if it is for living, it is best to look for premium things that adjust to personal tastes and that better withstand the passage of time.
  • Search on Pinterest: This social network became the favorite to find inspiration for whatever you want. In this sense, you can look for various styles of interior design that fit the tastes of each person and that will be useful to guide the architect on how he wants his home.
  • Calculate the budget and quote: It is important that when quoting with different contractors, not only take into account the price, but also its trajectory, the trust and the times that it guarantees. Also, it is important that you are clear on the cost of all the products that are going to be installed.
  • Analyze payment alternatives: In the market there are a variety of payment alternatives that you can take into account to carry out the adaptation of the house in gray works, such as your own savings, home improvement loans or free investment loans.