When renting a property in Colombia, it is always questioned who should take care of the arrangements for the property when it is handed over.. The person who owns the property is known as the landlord and the person who rents it as the tenant.

(Inflation: public services fell and rents continue to mark).

According to norm 2029 of the Civil Code and Law 820 of 2003which regulates lease contracts, it is the landlord’s responsibility to have the property in the best conditions and to carry out the required repairs on his own when these are not caused by the lessee.

On the other hand, the law mentions that, in case of damage or deterioration due to the normal use of the dwelling, or its misuse, the required repairs will be assumed by the lessee, who must have it in the best conditions.

(Rise in rates pushes used housing leases).

This means that, although it is true that the repairs required by the property must be assumed by the landlord, the tenant must make good use of the spaces, the floor, doors, windows, services, connections and taps, among others.

Thus, the tenant must assume the obligations of preserving the walls, ceilings, pipes, glass, doors and paint, among others, since, at the time of receiving the property, it is assumed that it was delivered in optimal conditions to inhabit it.

(Rents: they are going up by less than what is authorized by law).

Therefore, it is the tenant who must be responsible for the rental arrangements (mentioned above) that the home may need, and the lessor must respond for the damages caused by the normal use or deterioration of the property.