Hap and Leonard – Image: SundanceTV

One of the hidden TV gems in the Netflix library is about to disappear. All three seasons (consisting of 18 episodes) of the crime drama dark comedy series Hap and Leonard will be leaving in March 2023.

Set in Texas in the late 1980s, two best friends (James Purefoy and Michael Kenneth Williams) engage in darkly comic misadventures renting out shady clients for illicit purposes.

Although the show was cut off prematurely (it was canceled after its third season), is still a hidden gem within Netflix’s library, and given the runtime of its episodes, it won’t be hard to binge before it leaves the service.

A removal date is currently displayed on the Netflix page for Hap and Leonard, indicating that their last day to watch Netflix is ​​March 5th. Its actual removal date is March 6, coinciding exactly four years after the third and final season was added to Netflix.

The removal applies only to Netflix in the United States and Canada. No other region received the show.

hap and leonard removal date shown on netflix

Removal date displayed on Netflix page for Hap and Leonard

The show was among the first and last batch of scripted shows to head exclusively to Sundance TV, which has largely stepped out of the original programming space and focused on movies and reruns of classic shows like The Andy Griffith Show and reality/docu-series.

happ and leonard Latest Sundance TV show to be removed from Netflix

Netflix got three shows from SundanceTV, the other two are Rectify and the red road. Both shows have already left Netflix in the last four years. In the case of Rectifywe saw the four seasons depart in March 2021 and the red road came out in november 2019.

In both cases, after their removal from Netflix, they became exclusive to AMC+, which is available as a streaming service and streaming channel on The Roku Channel and Prime Video.

Before you leave, if you plan to sign up for Netflix to watch happ and leonardyou will need a premium plan as the program is locked at the ads level.

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