On the afternoon of May 15, Tiendas Ara announced that They will lower the price of more than 200 products. This decision is made to relieve the pockets of Colombians compared to food, since the rise that it has had in recent months has generated a great impact.

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The price reduction was applied from Saturday May 13 on products of all categories such as hEggs, rice, oil, beans, pasta, table chocolate, oatmeal, powdered milk, household and personal hygiene.

This bag of products will have a price reduction of 10 percent, on average, which can vary according to the selected products and reach up to 45 percent. Thus, a market that cost 200,000 pesos Now it could cost around 180,000 pesosor even less.

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Shopping at Tiendas Ara.​


Óscar Berrocal/ EL TIEMPO

Faced with the decision of this company, President Gustavo Petro referred through Twitter and celebrate this initiative.

«I thank Tiendas Ara for their commitment to reduce their prices. Products such as rice, eggs, oil, beans, pasta, table chocolate, oatmeal, powdered milk, cleaning and personal care, will decrease between 10% and 45%. Invite more companies to join this initiative«, said the president.

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