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PlumResearch, a leading Poland-based SVOD analytics company, has revealed completion rates for some of Netflix’s biggest shows of 2023.

As we’ve discussed before, completion rates are one of the metrics many like to use when talking about the success of shows on Netflix. It’s a great stat because it doesn’t just show how many people are starting a show or just broad viewing hours, it details how many people make it to the end of the show. In fact, in written evidence to the UK government, Netflix stated that provides its own creators with data of «starters» and «finishers».

PlumResearchwhich has now started releasing its own weekly top 10 for Netflix similar to Netflix and Nielsen, recently shared information about Netflix’s Best Q2 2023 Results publicly and some of the first quarter 2023 shows exclusively with us.

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According to PlumResearch, this is how they determine completion rates:

“Completion rate [CR/Metric]– This metric presents the percentage of unique viewers (UVs) who fully watched all episodes of a single season to all unique viewers (UVs) who fully watched the first episode of the season. Please note that the definition of a ‘fully watched episode’ is any viewing of an episode in which the viewing time is at least 70% of the total length of the episode.»

Now let’s dig into the competition rates of a handful of shows that have launched so far in 2023 using their United States of America panel data:

Qualification CR 7D (%) CR 28D (%) HR90D (%)
ginny and georgia t2 47.90% 69.60% 73.70%
S4 Manifesto 46.95% 68.90% 73.10%
Firefly Lane S2 44.60% 65.50% 70%
Outer Banks S3 44.70% 62.40% 66%
The agent of the night S1 42.30% 56.60% 59.60%
love is blind T4 61.70% 44.70% 52.70%
That 90s Show T1 39.10% 47.40% 49%
The recruit S1 30.20% 45.40% 48.40%
S1 unstable 32% 40.60% 42.70%

Most of the previous shows have been renewed for future seasons, except firefly lane and Manifest, both ending with their most recent seasons.

In recent years, PlumResearch has also removed other variance completion rate snippets, including:

  • the canceled 1899 series had a higher completion rate than the first season of Dark, but seasons 2 and 3 of that show were ultimately better. After seven days of viewing, completion was 22% for 1899 and 18% for Dark S1. After 28 days, the gap was around 3% in favor of 1899 (CR 31%).
  • Strange things is one of the shows that have the higher completion rates, according to your data. 71.66% of viewers finished 70% of Season 4 Volume 1 in the first seven days.
  • The Sandman watched 33.86% of US viewers make it to the final episode and only 21.17% I watched those throughout with the animated episode.
the sandman netflix completion rate

Sandman completion rates – Image: PlumResearch Showlabs

PlumResearch also previously shared with us that of all viewings between October 2021 and October 2022, 49.2% of the US audience was engaged in watching Netflix original series and 39% in Netflix original movies. Netflix.

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