Outer Banks season 4 filming start revealed

Behind the scenes on the Outer Banks – Image: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

With a rapid renewal, Netflix is ​​wasting no time in preparing to film the fourth season in external banks underway with the series now tentatively scheduled to begin filming from May 2023.

In case you missed it, Netflix formally announced external banks it had been renewed for a fourth season around five days before the third season hit Netflix. The announcement came along with the news that Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke would be returning to their roles as showrunners and executive producers for season 4.

The renewal announcement took place at Poguelandia, a live event that Netflix hosted in Los Angeles.

While early renewals aren’t rare, they’re typically reserved for shows that are strong performers and where Netflix knows they’ll continue to grow or maintain viewership season after season.

Ultimately, the early renewal seems justified, given that there is already plenty of evidence that the hearing of external banks it grew from seasons 2 to 3, and the reviews are just as strong this season as they have been before.

According to a new production list of weekly productionOuter Banks season 4 is currently scheduled to begin filming on May 30, 2023and then run most of 2023 with a estimated completion date of December 15, 2023.

As with all previous seasons, the show will primarily film in Charleston, South Carolina, following the decision not filming in North Carolina.

This won’t be the only big Netflix original series to start filming in May, with Strange things it is also expected to begin in mid-May (although June 2023 is cited elsewhere) and reportedly last for an entire year.

What does this mean for the release date of external banks season 4?

First of all, it definitely rules out any possibility of Outer Banks season 4 releasing on Netflix in 2023, which is to be expected.

If we look at how long it took for Outer Banks season 3 to hit Netflix after completion, it was about six months (it ended in August 2022 and arrived in February 2023), which means that could see Outer Banks season 4 arrive as soon as June 2024.

Of course, that’s just speculation for now; as always, filming and release dates are subject to change.

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