the colombian cyclist Stephen Chavez it’s over, this saturday, Tour de France after verse affected by the spectacular accident that had the race suspended for half an hour.

The Colombian champion was able to get back on the bike, but after a few kilometers he found that he could not go on and got into an ambulance for medical treatment.
(Video: Tour de France: brutal massive crash at the start of stage 14) (Colombia vs. Ireland: shocking details of the scandal in which the friendly ended)

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He is the first of the five Colombians who started the Tour to leave the test, in which they continue Egan Bernal, Rigoberto Urán, Harold Tejada and Daniel Felipe Martínez, also affected by the fall but it seems to have no sequelae because it is in the break of the day.

The 33-year-old Colombian champion, second in the Italy spin of 2016 and third of the Back to Spain of that same year, he participated in his fourth Tour, where he was thirteenth in 2021 and where he came as a domestique of the Ecuadorian Ricardo Carapaz, which he abandoned due to a fall in the first stage. After this inconvenience, the objective of the EF team was to win stages and keep the mountain jersey that American Nelson Powless wears.

Chaves is the third rider to be forced to abandon due to that fall, after the Spaniard antonio pedrero and from the South African Louis Meintjesthirteenth overall.

Among those affected was also the British tom pickock, of Ineos, fifth overall.

The Tour Director, Christian Prudhomme Surely the five-kilometer race that fell after having given the real start because of that incident, the first massive one so far on the Tour, will be neutralized.

In the montonera, which occurred at a time when there was no high-speed filming, some twenty runners were involved, at the moment when the first attacks began.

After a 25-minute break, in which several cyclists were treated by the medical services of the teams and the organization, Prudhomme will surely resume the stage.