One of the items that has triggered inflation the most in recent months is that of electricity rates. Since September 2021, these rates began to rise significantly and today they are a headache for Colombians, in times of high prices.

(They call an auction for capacity expansion for power generation).

Although this trend will stop in August 2022, the rates are still high. According to Dane, last January the costs of electricity increased 20.95 percent per year.

The most affected have been the inhabitants of the seven departments of the Caribbean region, in addition to those who live in Bucaramanga, Cucuta and Medellinwhich registered an increase higher than the national average.

(The four pillars of the strategy to reduce the price of energy).​

Given high prices, it is important to have an efficient use of this resource, which can be translated into savings that can be seen reflected in the total value of the monthly bill.


Choose the right material

The selection of the appropriate electrical material reduces electrical energy losses by more than 75 percent, according to the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy of Spain.

For this reason, quality products must be chosen that meet the appropriate specifications for their installation, so as to guarantee their durability. Likewise, it is extremely important not to purchase counterfeit and/or poor quality products since they put not only the household economy at risk, but also life.


Modify consumption habits

Always turning off the lights when leaving a room, taking advantage of natural light as much as possible or disconnecting electronic devices are some habits that will favor the efficient use of electrical energy.


Review receipts carefully

If the cost of electricity increases suddenly from one month to the next, without having made any electrical expansion, it may be an indicator that there is an electrical failure that should be reviewed by an expert.


periodic reviews

Through a specialist, it is recommended to periodically inspect the electrical wiring system to identify possible failures and update the electrical charge demanded, also contributing to the safety of the home.

According to figures from the Official Bogotá Fire Department, in 2022, 76 fires were registered in homes, of which 18 were the result of electrical failures and mismanagement.


Avoid power surges

When too many pieces of equipment are connected to one socket and run in parallel, the risk of a short circuit increases. For this, the use of adequate conductors is required for the amount of current that will be consumed.