For the convenience of Colombians, spaces have been set up on the pages of the Simit and del Runt through which you can easily check if a vehicle has pending fines and violations, in addition to the status of the Driving license and other data.

Although this information can also be consulted directly at transit offices, making these inquiries online helps save valuable time. They can also be done payments without the need to go to a bank.

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How to consult and pay fines?

On Simit’s website You can check with the identification number or the license plate of the vehicle if you have a pending fineand no matter where in the country you are fined, you will be able to pay it.

In the following Simit link: there is a space in which you must enter the identification number or license plate of the vehicle, and once the magnifying glass is clicked, the results will appear.

If there is nothing pending, a notice appears that says: «You do not have comparing or registered fines in Simit«. However, the recommendation is to check, with the identification number and / or license plate in the Transit Secretariats and verify that there will indeed be no pending payment obligations.

In case you have any pending obligation, the list of subpoenas will be displayed. There you will be able to see the type, which Ministry of Mobility imposed the fine, what was the infraction you committed, the value of each one and the total to be paid. Payment can be made through PSE.

How to check the status of the driving license?

Carrying the physical driving license is no longer mandatory, since the data is found online and in real time on the platform of the Single National Traffic Registry (Runt). However, it is important to keep in mind the expiration date of the same so as not to drive with the expired document and receive a fine for it.

Through the Runt page you can consult the driver’s license status by clicking on the option ‘Citizen consultation by identity document’. It is the penultimate box that appears on the right side of the page.

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When you click, another window will appear in which you will be asked to specify the document type and owner’s document number. In addition, there will be a box to enter a code that will appear in a box.

By clicking on ‘Consult information’ all the information will appear. It will be possible to see if the license is still valid, if there are pending fines, the fitness certificate in condition and other additional data.

How to check the status of your vehicle?

On the Runt page you can also find out the specific data about your vehicle or motorcycle, which corresponds to what was reported by the different actors. You must click on the option ‘Vehicle query by license plate’, which is the last box that appears on the right side of the page.

Then they will ask you to specify the origin of the vehicle (national, foreign or diplomatic), specify How do you want to do the query?, the license plate number, the type of document and the number of the owner’s document. In addition, there will be a box to enter a code that will appear in a box.

By clicking on ‘Consult information’ all the information and specifications of the vehicle will appear, the history of the Soats and mechanical technical inspection certificates that have been acquired over the years.