According to researchers, the spring and summer months are the best for planning to have a baby

Having a child entails many worries even before gestating it. Economic planning, reconciliation and even knowing when is the best time for the baby to be born. If you are thinking of becoming pregnant, this could be a good time.

In the spring and summer months -despite how heavy it can be due to the high heat of July and August- it is recommended to get pregnant for Vitamin Dmore accessible during these weeks, and with significant advantages for the mother.

A group of researchers has discovered that theto vitamin D reducing the risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy, the so-called gestational, and controls several extraskeletal processes, including the control of fertilization and embryonic development during the first weeks of pregnancy.

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According to a study published in the magazine ‘Antioxidants‘, carried out by a team of Italian, Canadian, Hungarian and Spanish scientists led by Dr. Jan Tesarik, from the Margen Clinic in Granada, the importance of vitamin D for fertilization and the onset of pregnancy has been known for barely a year , and its optimal concentration in the blood «must be greater than 30 ng/ml».

«It is clear that to get pregnant and To avoid its loss due to spontaneous abortion or diseases associated with pregnancy, it is advisable to control the concentration of vitamin D. in the blood, and correct low levels, throughout the pregnancy,» Tesarik said.