In November 2022 Robert A. Iger rejoined The Walt Disney Company, this time as the new director replacing Bob Chapek.

Since his shows an interest in the improvement and innovation of strategies based on the structuring, performance and profitability of the companyclearly without neglecting the creativity for which the company is characterized.

«The storytelling and creativity that have driven The Walt Disney Company, and virtually every interaction we have with our consumers emanates from something creative,» Iger says on the company’s official website.

It should be noted that this man has had a long journey with the company, since his first foray was in 2005, demonstrating for that moment a great advance for Disney with the union and startup brands like Marvel Entertainment, Pixar Animation Studios and Lucasfilmas read in ‘The Republic’.

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But the news of his arrival has not been entirely positive for those who work there, since hundreds of families have been left without jobs. It is estimated that in order to save about five and a half million dollars, 7,000 people will be laid off.

His goal is to use this money to increase and improve the reach of ESPN, Star+, Disney+ and Hotstar, his main sources of income.

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The new director has full confidence in the results of this commercial structure by the end of the year and recalls that, after his return to the company, he has obtained significant profits.

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Laura Daniela Alarcon Vargas