Since last September 1, 2022, the National Registry has stopped issuing the traditional yellow hologram ID. This to begin the update and massification of the new identity document in digital format.

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This implies that any process of the identity card, a duplicate, the first expedition, correction of data and others, will be made in the digital version. The new document has another design and is delivered in virtual and physical format.

In case of losing the yellow card, it is not necessary to request the new document since the data is in the system and you will only have to do the respective update of the same in a headquarters of the Registry.

It should be noted that to obtain the digital ID it can be done through the offices of the Registry and through the website.

The entity recently announced the readjustment of rates in some of the services. The increases came into effect on March 1.

– Rectification or correction of data in the name of the owner: $54,750.

– Copy and certificate of civil registration: $9,000.

– Duplicate biometric blue identity card: $54,750.

– Exceptional nationality certifications: $5,050.

-Identity card duplicate: $55,800

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Step by step to activate your digital ID

based on instructions presented by the Registrar’s Office you must:

– Once the physical version of the identity document is claimed, he sent a message from the email, to the email account that disappeared when it was prepared.

– This message contains a QR code with which you can activate your digital ID on the mobile device that is valid for 48 hours.

– Before opening the message, the citizen must download the application ‘Cédula Digital Colombia’ that they will find in the application store of their mobile device (App Store IPhone and Play Store – Android).

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– Once the app is downloaded on your mobile device, you will have two options to activate the digital document: the first, by opening the QR code from the email on your mobile device and the second, by scanning the QR code with your mobile device, on another Electronic device.