The Diana stay behind the taxpayers defaulters to get up to date with their debts. In the midst of this strategy, he charged more than 19,000 merchants in the country who have a delinquent portfolio of 2.65 trillion pesos.

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62 percent of these debtors are legal persons, 25 percent are classified as large taxpayers and the remaining 13 percent are natural persons.

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The sectors that would require the most were those of the wholesale trade of other products (29 percent), those of clothing manufacturing, except leather garments (11 percent), activities of other associations (10 percent) and wholesale trade in clothing (10 percent).

Luis Carlos Reyes, director of the Dian, wants taxpayers to pay what they owe.


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By geographical area, 85 percent of the debtors in this sector have their main domicile to carry out their operations in Bogota (27 percent), followed by Antioquia (34 percent) and Valle del Cauca (12 percent). Atlántico (7 percent) and Cundinamarca (5 percent) appear next.

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The Diana He invited these taxpayers and all those who will have outstanding obligations to catch up. To this end, he recalled that care has been arranged through channels: face-to-face, through scheduling at contact points, and non-face-to-face, with appointments for telephone guidance.

Finally, the entity registered these debtors that they have until June 30 to take advantage of the benefit of the reduction in the default interest rate of 50 percent.

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