The Ministry of Health of the central Argentine province of Santa Fe established this Thursday that a man who owed last June died as a result of anthrax, a bacterium present in animals that is transmissible to man.

The official Argentine news agency, Télam, showed that the victim was a 43-year-old man, a native of the rural town of San Jerónimo del Sauce, 45 kilometers from the provincial capital.

The Santa Fe Food Safety Agency (Assal) reported that anthrax -also known as anthrax, black grain or splenic fever- «is a contagious disease caused by a bacterium that can be found in animals that are sick or killed by the process, and in contaminated soil «From their droppings and secretions.

The Santa Fe Health Minister, Mario Drisun, said that «luckily this is limited only to some places in the north of the province where food has been prepared outside the controls of the animal nesting systems.»