In the party where Colombia He did not have his best player, the suspended gustavo doorand in which he lost his other key man, Daniel Luna due to injury, the National Team found another beacon: Juan David Fuentes, the one who plays for Barcelona in Spain and the one who was in charge of sealing the 1-0 victory to eliminate Argentina and go to the final hexagonal of the South American sub-20.

Fuentes began at the bank, there almost the entire South American had spent his time, waiting, with the patience of those who keep a treasure under the guayo. His great moment came in the key match against Argentina, when he was most entangled, when a gaucho goal would have been the catastrophe. Fuentes entered to give peace of mind to the Selection, to the coach Hector Cardenasto the country.

His first intervention was a cross shot, strong, with poison, which the goalkeeper released and gave a short rebound that ended in nothing. But it was a warning, Fuentes found out that this goalkeeper gave advantages, he promised him with his eyes that he would try it again.

And he did. It was minute 74 when Fuentes changed points, attacked on the right, invented a hitch of those that he practices daily in Barcelona. He got rid of his marker and saw the Argentine goalkeeper in the background, as if afraid of another shot from Fuentes, and this one didn’t have as much force as the first, but it had magic, because the goalkeeper didn’t see that ball when it passed between his legs, and it was a goal, 1-0 for the victory of Colombia.

A hard-earned win

Colombia vs. Argentina in the sub-20.

Colombia entered the field depleted because Gustavo Puerta, its captain, its best man, the revelation player who was sure to play for Bayer Leverkusen in Germany, was not there. Substituting for him on the roster was the previous task of coach Héctor Cárdenas, disguising his absence was the challenge of the entire team on the pitch.

So Colombia played in another speed. It was not the same Colombia that almost defeated Brazil, perhaps the certainty of a draw, which was enough for it, dynamited the team’s explosion.

What was not counted on is that starting the game daniel luna, the other unbalancing team, was going to receive a pinch as if it had been a dry hammer. Luna wanted to continue, she continued, she tried, but he was not the same Luna. At minute 34 he couldn’t take it anymore, or it was DT Cárdenas who saw that he couldn’t take it anymore, and traded him for Manyoma.

In general, the first part of Colombia was full of inaccuracies. Argentina, which secured its ticket with the tie but back home, not that it had much to attack, but something was attacking. He pinned his hopes on Brian Aguirrethat it was a beast

In the second half, Colombia tried to assume real control, so that Argentina did not take confidence, that it entered into anguish. For that, Juan David Fuentes entered the field. The game, without much emotion, perhaps a bad clearance by the Colombian goalkeeper Marquines who hit a rival and almost surprised with a carambola, faded away, until Fuentes arrived to put his stamp on it and make the classification a reality. The next game will be on Tuesday against Uruguay.

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