A few days ago, the Colombian under 20 team concluded its participation in the World Cup of this same category with an outstanding intervention of the vast majority of its young players.

Unfortunately, Italy, the rival they faced in the quarterfinals, eliminated them with a resounding 1-3, as they were far superior in the vast majority of minutes of the match.

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However, the great performances of the young Colombians dazzled the world of soccer and for this reason, Some of them had an important recognition for any player: value themselves in the world market of professional players.

As is well known, several figures stand out in this world cup and as a consequence of this its value in the international and national markets increased greatly.

As a fact to highlight, According to the statistics offered by the portal specialized in the football market ‘Transfermarkt’, the assessment received by young people under 20 years of age after completing their participation in the international contest was 15.45 million euros, an unthinkable figure, taking into account that these are players who are just beginning their sports career.

Several players were the stars of this under 20 team.


Cristian Álvarez- EFE.

Players who were valued after their participation in the World Cup

Yaser Asprilla

Yaser Asprilla, one of the main figures of the youth world cup


Cristian Álvarez-EFE

As of today, July 9, The only player who registers new prices in the aforementioned specialized portal is Yaser Asprilla, Current player for Watford in England, because due to his great participation and waste of talent in this competition, his price was raised to 1.5 million euros.

Finally, the young player who plays in English football currently costs 4.5 million euros, a figure that for his age is not bad, since what it means is that he will be one of the most outstanding players in a future.

Oscar Cortes

Óscar Cortés, Colombia’s top star in this world cup.


Cristian Álvarez- EFE

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As previously stated, the only player who registers with an OFFICIAL boost in this important portal is Asprilla. But without a doubt, Óscar Cortés will also receive recognition for increasing its value in the marketsince in a few words he was the figure of the selection that reached the quarterfinals.

Currently, the 19-year-old player plays in Colombian soccer, being one of the figures of the capital team, Millonarios FC. According to ‘Transfermarkt’, the young Colombian has a value of 1.5 million euros, for the moment, because the 4 goals and two assists that he was able to achieve in the last world competition will have a new value that has not been revealed at the moment .

kevin mantilla

Kevin Mantilla, current player of Independiente Santa Fe and figure of the under 20 team.


Mauricio Duenas. efe

Another one that shines, in this case, in defensive tasks it was Kevin Mantilla. During his time in the competition, he behaves like a professional defender, even though he is only 20 years old today.

Like Óscar Cortés, the price of this central defender is 1.5 million euros, but for standing out and being one of the figures of the selection, he is also one of those called to be revalued in the market.

Currently, he is in Colombian soccer. He is part of the Independiente Santa Fe squad, but it is rumored that he is in talks with European teams to make his football leap.

These three players are the ones that represent an increase in their prices, mostly because of their great work and representation in the youth competition.Without a doubt, several of the young people who represented the Colombian country were destroyed in the future by the very protagonists of the senior team.

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