For Christie, the answer is obvious.

“The guy is 78 years old, I would kick his ass,” the 60-year-old former New Jersey governor replied. (Trump is actually 77 years old.)

When asked for comment, Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung did not elaborate on who would win. Instead, he offered a suggestion: “Chris Christie should think before he opens his mouth,” Cheung told POLITICO in an email.

Since announcing his presidential run for the Republican nomination, Christie’s strategy has been to consistently target Trump, the leading Republican candidate. Trump has not backed down, attacking the former governor on occasion, including over his appearance.

«He’s made fun of your weight,» Morgan said.

“Look at him, Arnold Schwarzenegger,” Christie said jokingly, before elaborating on his own struggles with his weight. «For him to be a child, an infant, and make those kinds of comments… the first thing he has to do is work on himself.»

Trump is a documented fan of sports fights and receives applause when made an appearance at UFC 290 in Las Vegas.

Who would win the possible fight between Musk and Zuckerberg?

«If I were Elon, I’d be a little worried,» Christie said.