With an inflation that closed 2022 at 13.12 percent, the Term Deposit Certificates (CDT) or better known as CDT They can be an option to cover the high prices.

If you currently have a capital, you can leave it a charge from the bank for a certain time and after those 90, 180 or 360 days, depending on each personal case, you will receive it with an additional amount of the product of profitability.

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It must be taken into account that this profitability was obtained from variables such as the amount of money deposited, the time they keep it in the bank and the conditions of the market. In addition, you must take into account that you will not be able to withdraw the money before the agreed date.

For example, you can find returns of more than 15 percent if you keep the money for between three months and a year, depending on the bank. This means that they can get up to 4-5 points more than the explosion in some cases.

Currently, it is no longer necessary to do it in person, as many banks allow you to open CDT online from your own cell phone or computer.

The banks with the highest returns

We show you what was the annual effective average rate of banking entities in December 2022 according to the super financialto which the banks transmit the information of their CDT.

However, keep in mind that these are the average rates that were given in December and that they are published as a reference, but are not a commitment for the titles that are paid today.

For example, at 30 days the best annual effective rate of banks (with a cut-off at December 2022) was being offered by Itaú and an average return of 11.57 percent decreased. For having money in the same term, Bancolombia offered a rate of 11.49 percent and Banco Falabella 11.23 percent.

The 60-day CDT also paid better in Itaú, which with a cut-off to December had an average rate of 13.94 percent; followed by Coopcentral, with 13.68 percent; and Banco Serfinanza, 12.34 percent.

Bancolombia followed with an average rate of 11.47 percent; GNB Sudameris of 10.66 percent; and Davivienda with a return of 10.53 percent.

Best 60 day December 2022 average rates

1 Itau 13.94
2 Coopcentral 13.68
3 Serfinanza Bank 12.34
4 Bancolombia 11.47
5 GNB Sudameris 10.66
6 Davivienda Bank 10.53
7 Women’s World Bank 9.67

At 90 days the situation changes since the best average returns were found in BTG Pactual, with a rate of 17.24 percent. It is followed by Banco Santander, with 17.02 percent; and Banco Fallabella, with 15.39 percent.

Banco de Occidente was also found, with a rate of 15.09 percent; Finandina with 15.01 percent; and Itaú with 14.91 percent.

If we go to 180 days, the best average rates in December were being paid Banco Santander, with 18.02 percent; followed by Davivienda, with 17.88 percent; and Falabella, with 15.25 percent. Behind are Banco Popular (17.13 percent), Finandina (16.98 percent) and Bbva Colombia (16.80 percent).

Best average rates for December 2022 at 180 days

1 Santander Bank 18.02
2 Davivienda Bank 17.88
3 Falabella Bank 17.25
4 Popular Bank 17.13
5 Finandine 16.98
6 BBVA Colombia 16.80
7 Bank of the West 16.42