The Quindío Lottery and the Bogotá Lottery showed the winning numbers of their prizes. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to meet them and find out if you are the lucky one to receive them.

quindio lottery

Thursdays of each week through the television channel telecafé the results of the Quindío Lottery are announcedone of the most important games of chance in the country since, by participating in it, you have the opportunity to become a millionaire.

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To be one of the candidates to win this game, you can buy a ticket from your trusted lottery or on the Quindío Lottery website.

Results of the Quindío lottery on March 2

With a jackpot of $1,400,000,000, whoever has guessed the numbers 1-9-7-0-129 of draw 2851 is the new winner of the Quindío Lottery.

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Taking into account that this figure is less than $5 billion, to claim your money you must go to any physical point of sale of this lottery with a photocopy enlarged to 150 of your ID and your ticket in perfect condition. In addition, according to Law 1393 of 2010, you have one year to do so.

bogota lottery

To participate in this game you can buy your ticket through the website or go to any physical point of sale of Loticolombia, Puntos Pagatodo or ballot machines in the country.

Results of the Bogotá Lottery on March 2

With a prize of $9,000,000,000, whoever has won number 6440 of series 217 of draw 2680 is the lucky winner of the Bogotá Lottery on March 2.

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To claim your prize you You must go to the Bogotá Lottery office, which is located at Carrera 32 A # 26 – 14. There, you must present the following papers: ticket in perfect condition, photocopy of your identity card enlarged to 150 and authorization letter in which the Lottery’s permission to withdraw the money is registered.

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