The pharmaceutical created this drug to reduce coughing and ended up becoming an addiction in more than 20 countries

Heroin was not the first drug to be created for medicinal purposes. Cocaine, amphetamines or cannabis had already been invented for the same purpose. Without knowing the addiction that all would generate in the population and that would end up being a problem that, 100 years laterIt has not yet been completely eradicated.

The German pharmaceutical Bayern, despite previous attempts by other researchers, was the one who synthesized the heroin. It was invented at a stage when some addictions have already been suffered for similar ‘medicines’ and were researching other non-addictive pain relievers.

This drug helped calm people with tuberculosis, pneumonia or pneumonia and ending up selling in more than 20 countries. Even in some places, such as the United States, it could even be purchased without a prescription.

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And although at first the patients -because the recommended dose was very low- did not generate addiction, it ended up being the same and even worse than the previous drugs. Originally, it was created for those with respiratory problems and the reality is that it had a great result.

In 1910 some criminals in the US began to use it, since it was much cheaper than cocaine. At that time, they were even recommending it to overcome addictions to other drugs. And although in the American country it was banned 14 years later, The pharmaceutical company did not stop producing it until 1940.