neki It is one of the applications most used by Colombians. Through this, different transactions are made, such as payments, transfers, even, you can save. Perhaps, taking advantage of the rise of Nequi, cybercriminals found a way to steal money from this digital wallet. They do it through a fake application.

Nequi users, as was the magazine weekThey are denouncing through social networks a new type of scam called Nequi Glitch with which false transfers can be made.

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How does it work?

This is how they do it: through the fake app, those who have it installed make several (invalid) attempts to transfer to another account in Nequi, but in the meantime they create a fake receipt. and they send a text message that supposedly confirms the shipment of money.

Because, in general, the person trusts the person who made the transfer, the victim of the crime does not open Nequi to confirm that the transfer has been made. If she did, she would realize that she was scammed.

On other occasions, the thieves argue that due to a failure in Nequi, the sending of the money is not reflected in the account of the recipient. Instead, send a fake support and text.

In addition to Nequi-Glitch, another type of robbery referenced by the aforementioned medium is the falsification of payment receipts with photo editors, that can be done from a computer or a cell phone, and then pass them off as real after a purchase.

To avoid these thefts, Nequi recommends checking in the account that the money has actually been received, which only takes about 30 seconds, not answering supposed calls in which they request the change of the card code and not clicking on false links for text message, since that is how they keep the data.

They also use QR codes

If you are going to make a payment in a business establishment through Nequi, keep in mind that one of the preferred modalities for criminals to steal money is through the QR code that the application has and that allows you to make payments.

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«Criminals create a QR code that they obtained the money to another account, and paste it on the QR codes that establishments have for their customers and that allow them to pay with one click,» explains the cited media.

Cybercrimes: Bogotá is the city that reports the most casesAccording to the Colombian Chamber of Informatics, the most common modalities are theft by applications and data breach.

Cyber ​​criminals are on the prowl.

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