Habi, ‘proptech’ with a presence in Colombia and Mexico, Y bancóldex announced a financing agreement through a credit for $30,000 million.

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Javier Díaz Fajardo, president of Bancóldex, affirmed that “This credit is a boost to the new technologies that support, in this case, the real estate sector. With this financing, Habi will boost the acquisition of real estate that will benefit mainly from VIS housing and strata 1, 2 and 3”.

With this credit quota, Habi hopes to strengthen its operation in Colombia and continue reinforcing its mission to accompany Colombian families during each stage of buying or selling a home.

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The main destination of this financing will be to continue evolving the used home buying and selling experience through technology and innovation. Now, with the support of Bancóldex, we will bring even more agility and liquidity for Colombian families who deserve to see efficiencies in an industry that is traditionally slow and clouded by procedures and paperwork,» said Sebastián Noguera, president and co-founder of Habi, adding that «we are sure that this agreement is only the beginning of an alliance that will benefit thousands of Colombian families”.

Habi used these resources to continue increasing its volume of purchase and sale of used housing in Colombia as it has done since 2019.

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Currently, Habi is the largest buyer and seller of used housing in Colombia. Through the efficient use of data and technology, the company has managed to reduce the time it takes to sell a home by 30 times, going from an average of 10 months to 10 days, and with a reliable process.