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Critically Acclaimed Aussie Comedy Trial Series Will Soon Be Streamed On Netflix fish Come August 2023.

With two seasons so far, Fisk is the comedy series that features the talents of Kitty Flanagan, Marty Sheargold, Julia Zemiro, and Aaron Chen.

Produced by Porchlight Films, the series follows Helen Tudor-Fisk (played by Flanagan), a lawyer who moves from a law firm to the other side of the country as her personal life falls apart in rather dramatic fashion.

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The program has garnered a number of awards and nominations since its inception, including a Logie Award to Kitty Flanagan for Most Popular Actress.

So far, two 12-episode seasons have aired between March 2021 and November 2022. It’s currently unclear if the show will return for a third season on ABC TV, but given the news of Netflix becoming a distributor, that could indicate good news for the future of the program. .

when they are where they are fish be streaming on Netflix?

Based on our research, several regions are set to receive the program on August 1. It appears Netflix has picked up the global rights (including the show’s country of origin), but we haven’t been able to verify all regions.

Regions we found poised to host at least one season include:

  • Netflix United States
  • netflix canada
  • netflix uk
  • netflix spain
  • Netflix Europe (Germany, France, Spain, etc).

fish will sit alongside several other Australian comedy series on Netflix (both original and licensed), with highlights including super brother, lunatics, wellmaniaand kath and kim.

The license of this moment comes as Netflix has been acquiring numerous TV show licenses, such as a large number of titles from HBO, Universal Television, Sony Pictures Television and others. This could be to bolster your library, as it will soon be exposed to a chronic lack of new content given the ongoing WGA strike.

Netflix in various regions (including all those described above) will also be licensing another Australian title on August 1 in the form of The oven, which was first released in 2020. Starring Ahmed Malek, Jay Ryan and David Wenham, the well reviewed A Western is about a camel driver and a thief who team up to travel through the Australian outback to melt down stolen gold bars bearing the mark of a crown.

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