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Netflix has canceled many shows in recent years. Still, in a more recent trend, they have started canceling titles even before release despite being long in development or having completed filming.

During COVID, we have seen many different phenomena occur during this time period in the entertainment industry, such as the rise of VOD/home viewing options and hybrid releases, along with the eventual return of moviegoers to theaters once it is over. they felt safe. enough to return to the indoors with strangers that drive the strongest box office for big event movies.

Well, while many studios decided instead of releasing certain movies theatrically, they would sell them to streamers with the intention that they could make a profit from deep-pocketed venues desperately looking for content when many projects were halted during 2020.

With that in mind, we recently saw HBO Max under the new leadership of Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav intentionally start scrapping/removing existing shows along with full-length movies like the high-profile DC Comics movie Bat girl (before a relaunch of its cinematic universe) and the animated film Scoob! vacation spot as tax breaks.

Apparently, Netflix (along with others) echoes this cost-cutting measure, as they’ve been canceling a bunch of their shows or movies despite being completed, in deep development, or near completion.

There are also completed or nearly completed projects thrown into the mix for good measure, and we’ve compiled a roundup of those projects.

Here’s a rundown of those four Netflix live-action projects:

The Heritage

Peyton List Rachel Nichols The Inheritance Netflix

Peyton List and Rachel Nichols – Image: Getty Images

It was written by Joe Russo and Chris LaMont with actors such as Bob Gunton, Peyton List, Austin Stowell, Briana Middleton, David Walton, and Rachel Nichols in roles.

It was initially included in the 2022 film schedule, but was subsequently pushed back to 2023.

“On the eve of billionaire Charles Abernathy’s 75th birthday, as he invites his four estranged children home for fear that someone, or something, is coming to kill him tonight. To make sure his family helps protect him from what lies ahead, Abernathy puts every one of his estates on the line: they’ll get nothing if they find him dead at dawn.»


Alice Braga House Wife Netflix Movie

Alice Braga – Image: Getty Images

“A mother recovering from a brutal accident moves into a prototype smart home with her family, only to discover that the home’s artificial intelligence system may have sinister intentions.”

The script comes from screenwriters Anna Halberg and Spenser Cohen with a cast consisting of Alice Braga, Kris Holden-Ried, and Sarah Gadon.

grendel (Season 1)

grendel netflix canceled

One of the only series that Netflix has previously given the ax to despite having finished filming is the superhero series based on the Dark Horse Comics IP. greenl from showrunner Andrew Dabb (resident demon, Supernatural).

“Hunter Rose (Ali), a talented fencer, writer and assassin, who seeks to avenge the death of a lost love. He goes to war with New York’s criminal underworld, only to realize…why beat them, when you can join them?

Dabb wrote the series with a group of actors: Abubakr Ali, Jaime Ray Newman, Julian Black Antelope, Madeline Zima, Kevin Corrigan, Emma Ho, Erik Palladino, Brittany Allen, and Andy Mientus. The show was originally intended to have an eight-episode season.

absolute domain

freehold scrapped netflix movie

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Variety, in November 2022, reported that Lexi Alexander’s (Punisher: Warzone) martial arts movie almost finished absolute domain (a co-production with Blumhouse Television) was on the chopping block.

“A violent, post-apocalyptic film, taking place in the year 2085 after the world has been destroyed by religious warfare. Desperate to save humanity, the global ruling forces organize an exciting no-holds-barred martial arts tournament. The last fighter standing wins Absolute Dominion for one faith/”

They assembled an interesting mix of actors for the sci-fi martial arts film, including Alex Winter, Patton Oswalt, newcomer Désiré Mia, Fabiano Viett, Julie Ann Emery, singer-songwriter Andy Allo, and Alok Vaid-Menon.

Archived Animated Projects on Netflix

kids netflix cancellations

Of course, this comes after a number of animated projects were canceled last year after Netflix decided to cut back on its spending habits.

Those previously discarded titles include the Ava DuVernay series. Anti-racist baby, felonies, favors and curses, Dino Daycare, Kung-Fu Space Punch, Pearl, The Twits, Toil & Trouble, Wings of Fire, With kind regards from kindergartenY Bone.

The latter is based on the beloved Jeff Smith comics that had been struggling for years to get some sort of adaptation but obviously wasn’t in the cards for Netflix.

We are also closely monitoring escape Hat, that comes from Kung Fu Panda director Mark Osborne who might not be moving forward as well, but that has yet to be fully confirmed.

Hopefully, Netflix remains committed to future projects and won’t continue to pull the rug out from under other filmmakers, animators, and showrunners in the future.