Why research?

Marius Cloete (Professional Publishers Association), Debrah Harding (Market Research Society) and David Hepworth (Magazine maker) take a close look at what role research should play in today’s fast-changing print environment.

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What’s Chinese for glossy feel?

Is it possible to adapt a global print brand to individual national conditions? We asked Laurence Hembert-Wermus (Marie Claire France), Joyce Liu (Marie Claire China), Chris Mitchell (GQ) and Michael Idov (GQ Russia) about their recipe.

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Case Study #1: Boden

CRM manager Neil Warburton explains how the Boden catalogue became the cornerstone of the clothing company’s success and why print remains at the heart of all the brand’s communications.

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Case Study #2: Moshi Monsters

With more than 65 million registered users, the commercial success of Moshi Monsters is beyond doubt. In 2011, its makers turned to print to further reinforce the brand.

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Case Study #3: Because content is king for a reason

Here’s the story of the energy drink that became a publishing empire. But why exactly are millions of subscribers willing to pay for this magazine every month?

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    Beloved by printers and creatives alike, the cover paper prints images and colours with the highest intensity. Here, we’ve maximised vibrant colours by enhancing the cover fingerprints with a high-build spot UV varnish, and enhanced the cover’s tactile feel with a soft touch laminate.

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    p 3-18

    Sappi | Galerie fine provides a perfectly smooth surface, allowing the content to take centre stage. Its high brightness levels and good opacity make it ideal for bringing out the vibrancy of the red cinema seats in the imagery, and they also show the brightness of the clothes in the following Boden case study to good effect. Sappi | Galerie fine also offers a high-gloss finish, so bringing a nice touch of glamour to the case study, too.

  • Sappi | Galerie fine silk


    p 3-18

    Sappi | Galerie fine silk is the gold standard when it comes to paper that brings vibrant graphics to life, and is the obvious choice for high-end publications – and particularly popular with fashion, interiors and food titles. Silk papers sit somewhere between matt and gloss – they don’t have the same level of shine as a gloss finish, but they offer more texture than a matt. This gives them what is described as a “high-gloss contrast” – an almost 3-D effect. You’ll see these qualities put through their elegant paces in the feature ‘Who is going to win the AR app war?’ and, rather aptly, the early pages of ‘What is Chinese for glossy feel?’.

  • Sappi | Royal roto


    p 35-50

    Sappi | Royal roto packs quite a punch – it not only provides precise image reproduction and outstanding gloss, but combines this with a very even print surface. This makes it a great match for our ‘Feeling our way forward’ feature, where Noma Bar’s bold, bright illustrations contrast sharply with the expansive white space on the pages they sit alongside. Sappi | Royal roto is also well-known and popular for its reliability on high-run print jobs – so if you want to run a large number of copies in only a short space of time, but are not willing to compromise on quality of image reproduction, this could be your paper. Sappi | Royal roto comes in a wide range of weights and in matt, silk and gloss finishes.

  • Sappi | Royal press gloss


    p 51-66

    Sappi | Royal press 400 is a very practical paper – an excellent combination of print speed and quality. It is a paper that can be relied upon to run smoothly through printing presses, making it particularly well suited to high-volume print runs. Sappi | Royal press does a great job of reproducing bright, fresh visuals, and – much like the Wired brand we explore on the paper –it is very versatile and regularly used for magazines, brochures and catalogues alike. Its suitability for a wide range of content and contexts makes it a very apt medium for our ‘It’s thinking about your brand and how it can extend beyond the page’ feature.

  • Sappi | Magno satin



    Print images and colours of the highest intensity on this incredibly smooth velvet satin surface. Sappi l Magno satin adds vivid images and colours with a perfectly flat reading area.

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Who's going to win the AR app war?

As technology and its uses become increasingly sophisticated, a group of Augmented Reality app providers are developing their own niches within the field and battling for prime position.